Ashima Arora is a well-known Indian female pastry chef. She had been a contestant of the famous TV series, Masterchef India Season-5 in 2016. She was born on 21st January 1993 in Amritsar, Punjab, India. She went to Delhi University, and completed her graduation in Hotel Management. She loves to travel, read and cook.

She was in the 10th class when she baked her first cake. It was her first chocolate cake, which she baked using her mother’s recipe. When she was a contestant of the show, Masterchef India, she said there was a lot of pressure, for cooking good-presenting dishes. Still, it’s the effort that counts as it’s always about creating dishes which leave your senses mesmerizing.

One of the skills, she says she will never forget her entire life is, learning to cook food in tandooris, which she had always been scared of, she even learned to use a siphon gun. While on the show, she improved a lot of her cooking skills. After being on the show, she gained fame and was recognized by the people.