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Saleem Afridi

Other names of Saleem Afridi: Salim Afridi
Saleem Afridi Hindi Actor

Saleem Afridi is a Pakistani director, play writer, stage actor, and standup comedian. He was born on August 5, 1978 in Karachi, Pakistan. He attended Royal West Academy and Happy Zone English School. He later studied at the Karachi University. He initially worked at Bin-Zafi Grp. & Lubricant Network 1986 before he worked at Star Events. Saleem earned extensive popularity after he performed at the US, which was attended by popular leaders like Muhammad Rana, Imran Lyalpuri, and Nasin Hassan. He also got the opportunity to work with popular comedians like Umar Sharif, Sikander Sanam, and Ruaf Lala on several stage shows. He also worked with Suchita in the Indian reality-based comedy show, Comedy Circus.