Kesar Dev

Other names of Kesar Dev: Kavi kesar Dev Marwadi, Kesar Dev Marwadi
Kesar Dev Hindi Actor

Kesar Dev Marwadi or Kesar Dev is an Indian poet. He is a Marwadi born in Rangela, Rajasthan. He is the most popular poet in the Kavi Sammelan Industry. Dev is known for his humorousand wittyexpression of poems. The poet is associated with Hasya Kavi Sammelan that organizes events on different occasions. His signature step is known as ‘Chaar Laina' (four lines).

Kesar has performed in hundreds of events and received acknowledgment every where from the audience.In 2012, Kesar participated in Laugh India Laugh Laugh India Laugh was a reality show which gave a >> Read More... Laugh India Laugh , a stand-up comedy competition, and secured 3rd position, which he considers his biggest achievement to date.