Bithiri Sathi Hindi Actor

Many persons want to become a distinct celebrity and have a star life. Some of them choose small screen, and some prefer big screen. Bithiri Sathi is one among them and he has his outstanding proven talents in the industry. Bithiri Sathi is a Mimicry artist and a comedian by nature who became very popular in the state of Telangana in India, through a Program in V6 channel. Bithiri’s original name is Ravi, and he hails from Pamena village in Chevella Mandal Rangareddy district. His Mother is Yadamma and father is Narasimhulu.

Early in his childhood, Bithiri used to understand by observing different kinds of people and their behavior clearly and used to imitate them. Sathi got educated only up to fifth class in Pamena village whereas he finished his secondary education in Chevella. With huge motivation from his friends, Bithiri shifted to Hyderabad to find himself a position in the movie industry. But it was not a very easy job for him to get a chance, resulting in a lot of struggles. Bithiri belongs to a Backward Class called as Mudiraj Community, and because of that, he struggled a lot to get a chance. Finally, he got an offer in the Zee Telugu channel through Comedy Club Program, where he proved his talents.

Later, he got an opportunity in the 6TV news channel, where he gave a lot of appearances. His initial turning point of career is his appearance as Narsaiah Thatha in a program. Later he joined V6 and got himself established as Bithiri Sathi. Bithiri Sathi can’t be just a media face of the industry among Telangana TV viewers, but he is also a trendsetter in the YouTube website having lakhs of visitors for a total of his satirical cum spoof works available as videos. Sathi chooses current and trending topics to hit mockery at politicians, movie stars and ensures that both criticism and fun levels in his videos are in balanced proportions.

Bithiri Sathi instigates the funny bones of his audience in a typical appearance by wearing long knickers, a loose shirt containing designs of flowers and his label histrionics with Telangana accent. There is no overemphasis by telling that lakhs of viewers stick themselves with TV sets for this comic style comedian's show in the well-received news channel. Lots of Bithiri’s commentary videos are available in the v6news’s official website, where his contribution is a major one.