Atul Khatri is a 40+ stand-up-comedian from Mumbai, India. He was born on January 10, 1968. Atul completed his secondary education from St. Theresa's Boys High School. He later went on to obtain a Bachelor degree in Engineering from the University of Mumbai.

He also did a certification course in Business Management from Manchester Business School, England. After completing his undergraduate and certificate course, Atul took the position of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), at Kaytek Computer Services Private Limited, his family business.

He spent his 30's building his family business. In 2011, Atul got tired of his monotonous lifestyle. He wanted to start something new. His wife fully supported him, and they considered various career choices for Atul. Initially, he thought about becoming a Disc Jockey (DJ), or a bartender, but then came the moment of epiphany, when Atul realized his potential to be humorous.

Atul had always been very active on his Facebook account, and even during his days as a CEO at Kaytek, he often posted a lot many jokes on his Facebook page, for comic relief. In fact, the pseudonym of this 40+ CEO is "Horny Sindhi."

But, it was only when he was looking for an alternate career, that he realized how his simple jests were cherished by people; and that was when he decided to give Comedy a chance. In 2012, he took a resolution to do an open mic show.

Everything that happened before is now history. He did a lot of open mic shows, and people loved him. Atul managed to gain immense popularity after receiving the "CEO's Got Talent" Award by Fremantle Media. This was a huge success for him. In the same year, Atul joined the "East India Comedy," founded by Sorabh Pant.

The company gave him a huge platform to express his talents. What happened afterward is like an inspiring film script. He started doing independent stand-up-comedies. Atul became the face of many advertising campaigns.

He has advertised for Muthoot Finance, Amazon. Com, Rebtel, and Matrix Sim Card. In 2012, Atul participated in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival COMEDY FESTIVAL is a reality TV show that offers a >> Read More... , held in New Delhi Click to look into! >> Read More... . He was amongst the three finalists in the Festival. He is now a YouTube star with millions of followers. Atul performs at "East India Comedy," "The Comedy Store," and "The Canvas Laugh Factory."

In 2014, Khatri was invited in Belgium, to perform at the prestigious "Utrecht Internal Comedy Festival. He also performed in San Francisco for a fundraiser for an American-Indian foundation. He was the only Indian to be invited to perform at Hong Kong International Comedy Festival, held in 2014.

He is rated as one of the top twenty Indian stand-up-comedian, by CNN. Despite being one of the oldest comics in the field of Comedy in India, Atul has a confidence about himself and his humor. He feels that age is not a barrier, neither a minus point, but it adds up to the number of subjects he can talk about, owing to his experience in life. His stand-up-comedy covers various themes, including, Nationality, Married life, Parenting, Religion, Psychology, and the list goes on. He is now regarded as one of the finest comedians of India.

Aditi Mittal Hindi Actress

Aditi Mittal

Aditi Mittal is an Indian writer, actress, and a stand-up comic. Her birthday is on November 12, 1987, in Pune, Maharashtra. Aditi completed her graduation in Mass Communication, and Theatre from, Fairleigh Dickinson University, New Jersey, USA. Aditi has always been a girl who has her own opinions and beliefs, and she doesn't shy away from sharing them openly. She entered the world of stand-up comedy in 2010, making herself one of the first women to work in the field in India. She decided to become a stand-up comic, and thus gave up her career in New York, and settled in India. She started her journey with open mics, and The Times of India recently named Aditi Mittal among India's top ten stand-up comedians. She has come a long way. Aditi is considered to be the most unabashed woman stand-up comedian. She largely owes her fame to her IDGAF attitude, to her bold themes, and her openness in discussing almost anything under the sun. CNN featured her in the list of top thirty witty, and funny woman in India. Aditi, who is also a writer, has written various articles for Grazia Men Magazine, Financial Times, First post. Com, and DNA. In 2009, Aditi became one of the first five Indians to feature in an Indians only stand-up comedy show called "Local Heroes. "The show got organized by the U.K based company, “The Comedy Store.” Presently, she is a regular at Canvas Laugh Factory and Comedy Store Mumbai. She has performed in humor festivals across the world including, UK, Los Angeles, etc. The year 2013 was extremely special for the lady. She performed her first solo titled, "Things they wouldn't let me say," at Canvas Laugh Factory, Mumbai. In that same year, she was solicited to appear at London, by BBC, for the Prestigious Hundred Women Conference. Her comedy is fresh and unbridled. She covers everything, from politics to sanitary pads, to sex. She says,"My brand of humor is personal. It’s observational." She created a fictional character, called Dr. (Mrs.) Lutchuke, because she was not comfortable with the way sex was always been talked about as something sinful. She handles a sensitive theme with 'insensitive' words. Aditi spoke at India's first sex exposition. Aditi is one of the charter members of the Ghanta Awards and the Filmfail Awards, two of the momentous parody award shows in India. In 2014, Aditi Mittal appeared in the panel of "All India Bakchod (AIB) Knockout." She also appeared as a star guest on BBC's "The Now Show." Aditi has also been a speaker for the Ted Talks where she talks about the significance of Comedy in our lives. Aditi Mittal is India's fearless stand-up comic. She has a confidence about herself, which makes her a well-known and well-loved artist. She is a woman who has a way with black clothes, colored hair, and humor.


Mallika Dua

Mallika Dua is an Indian comedian, actress, and writer. She is the daughter of the veteran journalist and Padma Shree Awardee, Vinod Dua. The well-known comic is half Punjabi and half Tamil-Brahman. She completed her Secondary education from Modern School, New Delhi. She went on to receive her major in Theatre, from Franklin and Marshall College, US. Mallika's favorite hobby is to read, and Anand Ahuja is her favorite author. Her first job was as a copywriter in New Delhi. But, she left her job to become a full-time entertainer. The comedian came to fame with her well-famous viral video, "Shit People Say: Sarojini Nagar Edition." The content of the video was written by Mallika, and she starred in the video. In August 2016, she officially moved to Mumbai to focus on her career as a comic. In 2017, she launched her own YouTube channel and got thousands of fans within a few days. After receiving immense popularity and fan-following, Mallika started appearing on "All India Bakchod" (AIB) videos. She also starred in "Why Should Hot Girls Have All The Fun?," Girliyapa's first episode. In 2016, she shared the Lake Fashion Week's Panel with the famous designer, Anita Dogre. In 2017, the famous comedian starred in "Hindi Medium," opposite Irrfan Khan. Mallika also starred in the fifth season of "The Great Indian Laughter Challenge," an Indian Comedy show. She was one of the three mentors in the show, the other two mentors being Zakir Khan and Hussain Dalal. The veteran actor, Akshay Kumar judged the reality show. Mallika Dua also starred in the Bindaas television series,"The Trip." She starred Lisa Haydon, Sapna Pabbi, and Shweta Tripathi. Her role in the series was similar to her real personality, of a happy-go-lucky girl. Her stand-up-comedy are filled with wit, jokes, and sarcasm. She is a fearless woman who doesn't shy away from speaking about her opinions. The themes of her stand-up-comedies are bold, modern, and every day. She talks about everything from periods to sex, to men, to irritating aunties. Mallika is well-famous for her portrayal of Tinder Aunty on All India Bakchods' (AIB) "If Apps were People." Mallika Dua, a young, bubbly, Punjabi girl is an example for women who dream. She wanted to entertain people, and presently, she is living her dream, of not only entertaining people, but also encouraging, and educating them. Now, the talented comic wishes to work in Bollywood. She wants to play roles which break typical societal, and gender stereotypes instead of playing cliché roles.

Mallika Dua Hindi Actress