Roche Mascarenhas is an Indian dancer and choreographer. He was born and bought up in India. He started his career of dance in Mumbai. He has now become a well-known choreographer. He dances very well; he has taught many peoples. After he completed his training of dance, he started his dance classes at Santacruz East, Mumbai. He started his dance career from here. He also used to teach people at home. He has worked hard to become a well-known choreographer. He has also done the choreography in various shows One of the famous shows was ‘Dance Singapore Dance.’

In the year 2016, there was a famous show known as ‘Dance Singapore Dance’ that used to telecast on ‘Zeetv.’ In this, the 12 finalist were all set to perform on stage, and there was a grand prize of $10,000 for the winner. The finalists that include where Chinese, Malay, Caucasian, and Indian. The age group was between 16 and 35. These finalist were placed in a two groups and they were mentored by choreographers Anil Dandge, and Roche Mascarenhas, choreographer and dancer from Singapore. Roche Mascarenhas has also worked in “D4- Get Up and Dance” it was an Indian dance fiction television series that used to showed on Channel V India.

This show was a mixture of drama, romance, and dance moves. It was produced by the urban brew. Roche Mascarenhas has played a good role in this series. His name was Harry in this show. In the year 2018, he has done choreography for the web series of Alt Balaji known as ‘ Apharan Story Soon >> Read More... Apharan .’ He has also done choreography for ‘Dali.’ Currently, he is with his choreography group in Singapore At that level, there have been a lot of ups and downs in her life to become a dancer and famous choreographer, but he didn’t give up at any situation, with lots of hard work he has succeeded in his life.