Apurva Jyotir Hindi Actor

Apuva Jyotir is one of India’s teenage actors. His career in the movie industry is barely starting, as he received his first major role of his life in the TV series “Colors’ Parichay”. He plays one of the twin brothers there, alongside with his real life twin brother, Anmol Jyotir Anmol Jyotir is the son of Prashant Jyotir and the >> Read More... Anmol Jyotir .

Apuva Jyotir’s movie career seems to start very well, as he is much loved both among the audience and among the critics. He stated in several interviews that he loves acting and that he hopes to make of this a career for the future. He also stated that although some friends of his and his brother’s, Anmol, might be jealous on the success they have, most of their friends and acquaintances are happy and love them.

Apuva is not a stranger to acting, as his father, Prashant Jyotir is an actor himself. Apuva and his brother excel not only on acting, but also in school, where they keep their grades among the first in the class.