Alayana Sharma Hindi Actress
‘Alayana Sharma’ was born on June 20, 2006. Alayana Sharma is a Bollywood actress and had done as a child artist. She is known for the couple of Hindi movies she had acted namely ' Bhoot Returns Click to look into! >> Read More... Bhoot Returns ’ and 'Boochi 3D'. Both the films were released in the year 2012. Despite the fact that she had acted in only two movies, it had made a huge impact amongst the audience. Her acting was just brilliant and mind boggling.

She got into acting at the age of 6 which in itself is an accreditation for her. 'Bhoot Returns' movie had affected Alayana critically bad. The movie is a sequel of the movie 'Bhoot'. Alayana seemed to be bothered by watching her own performance in the movie 'Bhoot Returns'. This is basically a 3D horror movie. Alayana watched it with her parents in the special screening of the film. She got scared at her acting. Her role is based on the fact that she is possessed with a spirit. It seems like Alayana's mother would likely be filing a case against the director Ram Gopal Varm. During the course of filming, there aroused a misunderstanding between Manisha Koirala and Alayana Sharma.

The child actress was wondering as in why Manisha Koirala had given typical face reactions to her. It was the script and Manisha Koiral was supposed to act like that. Not knowing this fact, the child actress felt bad about Manisha Koirala. Manisha Koirala did not want to take it personal and spoke with Alayana. While convincing, Alayana seemed reluctant and pestered Manisha Koirala with questions. So finally Manisha Koirala decided to stop talking to her. Precisely 'Bhoot Returns' movie had literally affected the mind of Alayana Sharma.