Amit Abraham is a well-known psychologist, author, and a counselor. He was born in Gorakhpur in a middle-class family. Amit Abraham completed his schooling at St. Joseph’s College, Nainital. Later, he moved to Delhi to complete his post graduation from Delhi University. He has completed his Ph.D. in the area of personality development and also determined and zodiac sign influenced individuals. After completing his education, he continued his research. He also worked as a coordinator in the National Commission for Minority educational institutions, New Delhi Click to look into! >> Read More... New Delhi . He was there for three consecutive years. He grew keen interest in reading while he was in school, and used to read a lot of books on personality development. Apart from them, he also read various novels. Amit Abraham worked as a Registrar at Kazi Nazrul University, Asansol, West Bengal. He was also the former principal at Scottish Church College, Kolkata.

From 1991-2005, he worked as the head of the post-graduate department of psychology at St. John’s College, Agra. He also used to teach graduate as well as post-graduate students. He was also involved in various research works involving human psyche. Ami Abraham has done a lot of work on human sexuality and attitude. He developed a scaling method for measuring the attitude towards premarital sex, polygamy, lesbianism, and homosexuality. He also developed a scaling method for the measurement of values and vocational interest, self-monitoring, procrastination, and Performa. He has been into research field for a long time and in this time has published numerous amounts of research papers in various human psychic areas. He has also written various books for competitive exams. Amit Abraham has also written articles for Hindi newspapers and has also appeared in various talk shows in local as well as state news channels. Amit Abraham is the founder and head of Samvaidna.

Samvaidna is a mental health welfare organization working to provide counseling, therapy, and help for various psychological problems. This organization provides free guidance and also holds counseling camps in Agra city. He also offers counseling therapies to people on the Internet. He is also the author of various psychological books. In 2002, he wrote Fundamentals of Psychology. Later, he wrote a book for the entrance examination. His books were very popular and many copies were sold. His book named “Personality Development through Positive Thinking” gained popularity worldwide in no time. This book was also translated into two languages later. In 2008, he wrote “Rules of Attraction: Get the One you admire.” After that, he wrote many books, such as The Great Game, Taming the Little Devils Within, The fifth Commandment, General Psychology: Tata McGraw Hill Higher Education, and Procrastination- The Opportunity Killer: A Self Assessment Guide and Workbook. He has also won U.P. Shikshak Samman, presented by Bright Organization Youth in 2006. His life achievements are printed in various books of state Govt. schools. He is an eminent Indian psychologist working to understand human psychology and helping people to lead a great life.