Mandira Chauhan was a contestant in Big Boss 10 show anchored by actor Salman Khan Salman Khan is a very famous Indian actor and a pr >> Read More... Salman Khan . She hails from Pune and works in Red FM station in Pune. Her social media savvy helped her to become one among the ten contestants. She still handles her social media pages, and there are many followers too.

She was born in an Army Family on September 30, 1980. She also got married in an Army man's home and has a daughter. Much of the digital integration onscreen is driven by Mandira Chauhan, who is no stranger to social media, and spends most of her time posting photos of her family on social media sites.

At first, when the Big Boss 10- was announced it sounded like reducers had run out of themes, and were just tacking the show on to another season, but having watched the Big Boss 10 one can say that Big Boss has never done a classic show like this before. It had called for the auditions of ordinary household people from any profession to try their luck. Hence, contestant like Mandira Chauhan and others tried their luck in the auditions.

The show was not of the celebrity struts. She was not like the previous housemates like the usual bevy of reality TV stars who come with their fan bases to act out showman capers for votes. She was a homely woman who had a strong personality. She was a bold participant, who made a lovely change in the show. Her hobbies are to throw a party at home and make a trip with friends very often. She is a working alcoholic in her FM station, and is not bothered about gossip but is very critical. She is ready to face any challenges in life.