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Vinod Dua Hindi Actor

Vinod Dua

Born on 11 March 1954 Vinod Dua is one of the familiar faces of Indian media. He has been connected with the Indian television with effect from 1974. He has been in the Indian media for a long time and has witnessed its transition. Vinod Dua is a political commentator, anchor, director, and producer. He also tested waters as an election analyst. The year 2008 was a landmark in his career since he fetched the Government of India’s Padmashree for Journalism. The initial life of Vinod Dua was in the refugee areas of Delhi. He pursued English Literature from Hans College. He also did a Masters degree in Literature from the University of Delhi.   During his college and school time, Vinod tested waters in debating and singing. Moreover, he endeavored into theater activity up to the mid-80s. Vinod showed his writing prowess by penning a couple of plays for children. He was also associated with the Theater Union, which is a street theater group. This group presented plays that were against social issues. Vinod’s first stint with television was during 1974; the program was Yuva Munch that is a youth show in Hindi. Yuv Jan was another show hosted by Vinod, in 1975. This program was mainly for the youngsters of Muzaffarpur, Raipur, and Jaipur. Jawan Tarang was another program anchored by him, and it was aired on Amristar TV. This program was also during the year 1975. Till 1980, he worked with few channels as an anchor. Aap Ke Liye was anchored by Vinod till 1984. 1984 was a landmark in the career of Vinod since he anchored Doordarshan’s election analysis programs along with the reputed Dr. Prannoy Roy. After this, Vinod was consistently seen in election analysis programs.  The year 1985 saw Vinod anchoring Janvani. In this program, the ministers were posed questions by laymen. The Communication Group is a production company started by Vinod during 1988. This program dealt with budget analyzes, current affairs, etc. The years 1992 to 1996 saw Vinod producing Parakh; that was a current issues magazine. This was aired on Doordarshan.  Vinod got himself associated with NDTV through the travel program Zalka India Ka, and he became very famous. Kaun Banega Mukhyamantri and Chunav Chunauti Ka is a couple of other programs that he anchored. 


Nishil Saujani

Nishil Saujani was a TV host for Sony UK for seven years where he took up his role to devise, host and present many programmes on the Sony channel. But he drew his popularity more for becoming the host of a much-acclaimed worldwide reality show ‘Boogie Woogie UK’. This TV celebrity is also best known for his other shows such as weekly magazine shows View Asia and Zone. He thus eventually planned to exhibit his TV presentation skills to reach the biggest audience and gave the new shows its best chance of success. Besides being a TV presenter and host, the TV celebrity Nishil then made a smooth and successful transition from TV shows to hosting ‘award ceremony’ shows in New York, which established his talents. Being a key member of Sony TV channel presenting some the variety of new TV shows, he made an effort to present live entertainment award shows. Thus, Nishil proved that he is a versatile performer that brings a new, fresh angle to all projects that he undertakes. Also, to entertainment lives show he even brought biggest names of film, sports and political personalities on the same platform to interview them. He brought his unique charm interviewing guests such as cricketer Sachin Tendulkar, film star Shah Rukh Khan and Prime Minister David Cameron. He brilliantly kicked off his anchoring skill in an impressive manner in BAFTA Award-winning Disney Channel Kid Awards ceremony and later went on to anchor and present many international cricket matches etc. He was a sports broadcaster and the lead anchor for cricket matches too. In his career, he even had picked up royal guests for his TV presentation who were predominantly featured in his shows. He is a familiar face worldwide and had anchored many showbiz premier events and even glamorous award night shows in the UK. Also, he was even associated with MTV’s ‘Total Request Live’ shows which featured popular music videos. This celebrity is married to Praveena Jattan and leading a happy life.

Nishil Saujani Hindi Actor