Nirmala Narine is the owner as well as the founder of Nirmala's Kitchen which is a gourmet food company. It specializes in rice blends, global meal kits and spices. Most of her products have been featured in The Oprah Magazine, O, The New York Click to look into! >> Read More... Times and Food & Wine along with other publications as well. Her life's work is all about simplifying exotic cuisines and making local that which is distant. She also has a passion for the Hindu system of Ayurvedics. Narine was born in Guyana, South America and her parents were of Indian descent. She has learned to cook at a tender age of six.

She later migrated to New York with her family at the age of eleven. Her uncle was recruited by the government of US to fight in the Vietnam War. Her Kitchen was launched fifteen years ago. Her new spice shop is located in a tack room on a farm in Highland. She has travelled around 167 countries around the world to collect grains, exotic spices and rock salts. This allows the home chefs in the United Kingdom to cook within their domestic space without leaving their kitchen to travel overseas.

Nirmala Narine also wishes to build a destination in the Hudson Valley where people can get access to her food products found globally and learn how to use them while cooking. People visiting the shop can also get cooking advice from her shop. She also would be offering classes on the farms where people would be cooking together. She also wishes to enhance the farm to table movement prevalent in the region. One important mission of Nirmala's kitchen had been to fuse different cultures together through food. Her shop also has antiques which she has picked up from her travels around the globe.

She has authored the book named "In Nirmala’s Kitchen: Everyday World Cuisine and Nirmala’s Edible Diaries". It is a recipe book which has recipes from around the world. She has also hosted some diplomats,especially from UN. Her kitchen can accommodate as many as a dozen people. They can sign up individually or in a group. She has also helped by arranging cooking classes for couples and bachelorette parties.She has also cooked with Martha Stewart on television. In the year 2013, she hosted her very own series named ‘Nirmala's Spice World’ which was dubbed into around five languages.

Omar Qureshi Hindi Actor

Omar Qureshi

Omar Qureshi is a fun entertainer who has hosted shows on the all round famous Hindi channel ZOOM TV. Omar is a friendly character who can talk on for almost forever on any given subject. Considering the nature of his job, he can be said to know every single juicy detail of all the gossips in and around the Hindi film industry. What happens in the celebrities lives, who broke up with whom, when, where and why would all be known to this hipster. His talk shows are extremely entertaining. He can make any tedious and dull topic into an exciting event. He has his flair, a strange knack, which enables him to twist around absolutely anything. The actors who are interviewed by him are more than eager to take part in his show. The audience finds the show to be a fresh and fun experience when compared to the dead serious talk shows and interviews that they have witnessed before. Omar can add upon his serious questions certain elements of wit, which enables him to catch the attention of his viewers as well as the superstars who are seated in the “hot seat”. Anyone who is looking fo a good entertainer can positively tune into his shows: “Zooming in with Omar” and “The Zoom Review with Omar”. Omar Qureshi is a respected name in the industry that poses a great deal of power. One reason is that since he is a known and reputed anchor for entertaining his viewers with every single speck and spot in Bollywood, it’s found helpful for everyone to stay on his good books. His TV shows top the charts. This achievement was made thanks to the humorous way in which Omar can handle the show. His viewers love him. The love and fanfare gained by him is a result of the great talent he poses.