Amrita Gandhi is the granddaughter of Mahatma Gandhi. She is also an eminent journalist and TV host. She is funny to be with, warm and friendly and would talk to anyone who has a good anecdote. She is famous for the TV show ‘ Royal Reservation’ on NDTV Good Times, which gave her the opportunity to have experience at close quarter the lifestyle of Royalty.

Also, she worked in creative format development in the US and was also a thorough stage performer who had training from the American Conservatory Theatre and Shakespeare & Company. During this period, she had scripted award-winning travel shows such as ‘Ten Things to Do’ and ‘Warrior Tribes in Nagaland’. She had her graduation from Rishi Valley, the University of Durham, UK and London School of Economics.

She also has authored a book ‘Live like a Maharaja: How to Turn Your Home Into a Palace’ that was released by Penguin Books. Above all, she is well known for her show ’Royal Reservations’ on NDTV Good Times, which has given her the opportunity to have visited and experienced at close quarters the lifestyle of the Royalty.

In her show that was hosted on NDTV, she had a conversation with Sharmila Tagore and Saif Ali Khan and shot her episodes in ‘Falaknuma Palace’. Later on, she was in the news for filming a documentary ‘Africa Indian Odyssey’ which was shot in Cape Town, Durban, and Johannesburg. The documentary was a one-hour long documentary and was showcased in NDTV channel and DStv’s saffron channels.

She is also a stage actor. When sh was 21 years old, she began her career as a television reporter but soon quit the job and for four years, she worked for the show ’Royal Reservation’. This TV host was attached to the theater when she was just six years old. She used to act in plays with her neighbors. Later, she performed in the States, performing both Shakespeare and locally written plays in California.

She is married to Mukund Venkatesh, who is MIT graduate. Mukund Venkatesh is Vice-President and General Manager of India Operations of Global Analytics Holdings Inc. headquartered in San Diego. It is being supported by 350 people working in Chennai and Noida currently. They have a daughter named Siya. They live in Chennai and Delhi. She is also the daughter of the former Governor of West Bengal, Gopalkrishna Gandhi, who is the son of Mahatma Gandhi’s fourth and youngest son, Devdas Gandhi and was born to Gopalkrishna Gandhi & Tara Gandhi.

Simran Bhargava

Simran Bhargava is known for her role as a TV host and presenter of one of the best lifestyle talk shows in Indian television- ‘One Life to Love’ - that was aired on NDTV Good Times. The show kept discussing topics such as money, work balance, stress, spirituality, health, alternative therapies, arts, an art of living, burnout, etc. which is necessary topics being understood by millions of Indians. She was typically honest in her presentation. Rare we come across the topic she chose. There was sincerity in her purpose that we seldom come across in television-chat programs. She discussed everyday issues, and shared her opinion and had engaged her in loud conversations in various topics. The talk-show host Simran Bhargava invited a guest panel to discuss a topic, in front of a studio audience which was like a breath of fresh air. She was a fantastic communicator and fabulous interviewer who chose topics of ‘modern marriage’, ’how to fight failure’, ‘battle with fat’, ‘It’s all about money, honey’, ‘parents vs. teens’, ‘dealing with death’, etc. The show only aimed that people always applies good thoughts and lead a happier and less-stressed life. The show was an easy conservation-cum-documentary presentation by her with expert insights that made viewers follow her advice immediately to their lives. This TV host was also an editor with India Today Group and had written columns that influenced the society by and large. Simran Bhargava is alumina of Standford University, the USA from where she did her Masters in Communication and thereby grew up as a powerful force in the world of media. In her career, she worked with newspapers like India Today, Pioneer and television houses such as TV 18. She was in the height of her career with the launch of ‘Cosmopolitan Magazine’ for which she was founder-editor. Also, she also launched an e-learning site with the purpose of soft skills training that included clients like Wipro, American Express, Citibank, etc. She was also a pioneer facilitator of ‘Personality Enhancement Program’ which focused on placement and preparation of young minds.

Simran Bhargava Hindi Actress