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Gujarati Director Ishaan Randeria
  • Gender : Male
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Ishaan Randeria is a prominent Indian Director and Writer. He has made significant contributions to Gujarati cinema. Ishaan is the director of the famous movie Gujjubhai The Great. He made his directorial debut with this movie in 2015. The plot of the film revolves around the stress-free life of Hasmukh Gandhi Hasmukh Gandhi is a famous producer, writer, and c >> Read More... . It gets ruined after his daughter brings home a trickster boyfriend. Ishaan won the heart of many audiences by directing and writing this masterpiece. He showcased his skills to the world through this comedy film. After the success of his first movie, Ishaan created another masterpiece by directing GujjuBhai - Most Wanted, a Gujarati comedy-drama film released in 2018.

The movie features famous artists like Jimit Trivedi Jimit Trivedi is an Indian Actor. He works predomi >> Read More... , Jayesh More Jayesh More is a Gujarat born, Indian actor and en >> Read More... , Sunil Vishranj, and Vyoma Nandi Vyoma Nandi is just a debutante in a lead role opp >> Read More... . Ishaan made a name for himself with his hard work and talent in the entertainment industry. He released his new movie Bushirt T-shirt starring Pavneet Singh Bagga TV personality Pavneet Singh Bagga hails from Guja >> Read More... and Manan Desai Manan Desai is an Indian comedian and actor, popul >> Read More... in 2023. A film that is full of unexpected events, comic twists, and turns. Another successful hit movie that didn’t fail to win the heart of the audiences. Ishaan has also made a name for himself in the Indian Television industry. He has directed multiple Indian Television Advertisements. He is a talented director of the Advertisement “Tata Capital Karz nahin Farz”, “Park Avenue Deodrant”, “Urban Clap”, "Nerolac SD to HD", "ICICI Bank Personal Loans", "Bournvita Biscuits Bahana" and many more.


Born: 23 April 1910

Lived For 78 Years

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Born: 22 April 1945

Age Now 79

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