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Written By - Team Nettv4u

Maru Man Mohi Gyu is a Gujarati remake of a Marathi serial ‘ Sundara Manamadhe Bharli Sundara Manamadhe Bharli is a Marathi-language tel >> Read More... .’ The first promo of the serial premiered on 24th August 2021 on Colours Gujarati, where Anokhi was drying clothes on the terrace. She says that everyone expects to be a future wife, respective of their color, beauty, or caste. But everyone rejects her by saying that she is a fat girl.

She tells the audience that a boy who was more fat than her denied her telling her that she is fat. But Anokhi believes that there will be someone who will see her inner beauty. Anoki gets married to Abhay, who is a fitness freak. How will these two balance societal expectations? Forms the plot.

This series enlightens the double standard thinking and unrealistic beauty standards of society. While choosing a partner for themselves, people often worry about looks rather than genuine connection and compatibility. Anokhi is a kind-hearted girl who becomes the victim of societal discrimination due to her physical appearance. The story takes a turn when Anokhi gets married to Abhay. Abhay is a fitness freak who is very passionate about his body. He fits perfectly into the societal standards of physical appearance. Anokhi and Abhay have different opinions about their appearance, unaware of their destiny. Their unlikely marriage brings complexities into their lives. The union of Anokhi and Abhay is an unexpected incident in their lives. The clash between Abhay and Anokhi's personality fascinates the viewers to watch the serial. Throughout the serial, Anokhi and Abhay come across many societal biases. They often feel personal insecurities due to being unable to match societal standards. As they start their married life together, they face many awkward situations that test their bond strength. Slowly, they both fall in love and accept each other with their flaws.

The serial also presents the cute chemistry of Anokhi and Abhay that develops over time. The viewers get to see the character development of Anokhi and Abhay and the people around them. The serial beautifully presents the concept of challenging societal standards. The storyline forces the viewers to question societal standards and judgment criteria. It aims to redefine the societal perspective of a person's attractiveness and worth based on physical appearance. Maru man Mohi Gayu is a perfect blend of personal and social balance. It promotes body positivity and encourages people to be true to themselves with the message of breaking stereotypes. The serial has completed more than 600 episodes and continues to inspire many people. It urges people to embrace love, empathy, and acceptance.


Dipna Patel Gujarati TV-Actress
DOB: 29 November 1987
Dipna Patel
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DOB: 28 June 1990
Malhar Thakar
Deeksha Joshi Gujarati Movie Actress
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Deeksha Joshi
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