Peter Pedrero, is an actor, stuntman, and a director. He has been a part of the best action films ever released and the shows as well from Avengers: Age of Ultron, Prince Of Persia, The Wrath Of Titans, Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows, The DaVinci Code, and ‘24’, etc. He has done almost over 200 stunts in the films and television. He says that his father was very much interested in movies and they used to go for movies on Saturdays, and this is where he started developing a craze of the movies and stunts.

Back then, there were no cameras but he used to shoot stunts of model aeroplanes on fire and crashing them into trains or playing like commandos with his friends by super 8 camera and then used to send the camera to film cartridge and wait for two weeks to get the movies and so he found out that he wanted to make a career in the industry. He with a friend of his who also aspired to be a stuntman worked in “Queen And Country” assisting a professional stuntman, and this was when he discovered that he wanted to be a stuntman.

He enjoyed watching the show called The Fall Guy and British Stuntman 86, where stunts fascinated him. There are six categories of that, and one has to choose in between like Fighting, Falling, Agility and Strength, Water, etc, any of the categories and acquire the required skills. He qualified his training from Braveheart Academy and got registered as a stuntman, and he received a call to work on the set of TV show ‘Frost’ where he got the opportunity to work in an explosion stunt. He got another call and a seven-week film shoot in Dublin.

He says that he gets to know how can stunts be better performed and so even if Peter Pedrero does a good shot he asks for a retake to give the best shot. He and other stuntmen, don’t have any agents and they get themselves registered for stunts and about their skills and receive calls from the directors as per the need. He says that every movie that he has been a part of is memorable to him. Though ‘Golden Eye’, where he performed stunts being James Bond, was very special to him as it is like a dream of every stuntman.

After rehearsing, he did well in the movie. He also liked his role in The Mummy part one and two based on adventures of the old style, and he did it in Morocco and the UK. He says every stunt scene requires proper practice and car chases and falls need more practice than fights. The worst part of his job is fatal accidents which takes a few months to recover from though they have insurance.

His work doesn’t give him time, but he makes sure that he trains himself 3-4 times every week to be in the best shape. He doesn’t feel good about films not having awards for those who perform the stunts, but he says that people who get into stunts are doing so because of their passion though Taurus Awards are for given especially to the stuntmen.