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Abhijit Guha is an Actor, director, and writer working predominantly in Tollywood. He was born on Nov 12, 1965. Guha, with Sudeshna Roy Sudeshna Roy is an Indian actress, writer cum dire >> Read More... , gave a new kind of romance genre to the Tollywood film industry. They were much liked and appreciated for portraying rom-com urban based on a middle-class scenario. Apart from being a director of movies and TV series, Guha has also acted in several films. He appears in all of his movies, no matter how small the role is.

In Dupur Thakurpo, a famous contemporary web series, Abhijit Guha is seen playing the role of Jibon Da. In 2014, his film, Jodi Love Dilena Praane, was nominated at the Indian Panorama for the international film festival. It was screened at the Pune Film festival. The next year, the movie also won a Certificate of Appreciation at the Fiji international film festival.


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