Haftha Movie Review

2 / 5.0

The underworld thriller flick “Haftha” is directed by Prakash Hebbala. Raghav Nag, Bimba Shree, Vardhan Thirthahalli and Bala Rajwadi are in the star cast. This is the debut film for Prakash Hebbala.


Kudla and Shankar Yerawada are childhood friends. They are the underworld gangsters, who don’t know the meaning of fear. They don’t hesitate to kill anyone. Both of them are perfect in their profession. Shankar plans well to murder so that the police could not even sense the murderer. Kudla is the fine executor. Their life gets into trouble when they did a job for Kulal Pandey. What happened next? Watch the film in theaters!

Star Performance

Raghav Nag and Vardhan Thirthahalli did their job fantastically.


The film carries yet another old script about underworld dons. The stars perfectly fit the roles and even had given out a perfect performance. But, the right screenplay is missing. Violence is inserted a bit extra that might not attract all class audiences. However, some scenes are quite impressive, including that of the narration regarding the transgender.

What’s There?

  • The friendship between the underworld gangsters
  • The performances of the stars are good

What’s Not There?

  • Violence overloaded
  • Usual underworld don story


Haftha is a regular underworld don story that has nothing new to offer. If you haven’t watched any underworld film, you could try this.

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