Shaandaar Movie Review

1.5 / 5.0

Weird to the core! That’s Shaandar for you. 
Well, you would have come across this plot many times..eccentricities and craziness prevail in a couple of families. If you are a movie buff, by now you would have realized how the girl and the boy looks..the girl is stout, and the boy is ill-mannered. And yes you heard it right! The marriage is under the pretext of a business deal. Also, there blooms love between Alia Bhatt (the bride’s sibling) and Shahid Kapoor, a wedding planner.
It seems the director has deliberately tried to show outlandish characters. And I know.your mind would be racing with a grandmother who is in the wheelchair, shouting orders…her son who is too submissive to be arrogant. And to add flavor to the story there is Alia Bhatt who is so innocent, yet ultra modern. And there is Karan Johar who makes a special appearance in the film. Well, it seems the director has relied on the taste of the audience to a great extent; he would have felt that they would like anything that is shown in a film. Each one in the movie is just so natural…yes, they do whatever comes in their mind, without doing justice to the script.
The director seems to convey many things in this “shaandaar” film, but you ultimately wonder what is exactly happening in the film. 
The film works in bits and pieces. It has strictly followed the regular route of Bollywood and eventually messed up. You can count the scenes which are worth watching. 
When there are lot of creative people involved in a film the bars are raised. But ironically Shaandaar fumbles.When you expect that something is promising in the flick, it just falters. This is the greatest drawback of the film. Certain scenes could have been edited in the film. 
The outstanding cinematography of Anil Mehta is the just one of the few solaces of the film. The grace of Yorkshire is brought before your eyes earnestly. The music of Amit Trivedi is also the saving grace of the film. Shahid Kapoor has done his best in spite of a lousy script. The naivety of Alia Bhatt’s character is very appealing. And Pankaj Kapoor is the man of the moment by being his hilarious best.
While the first half starts well the second half fails to deliver what the director had exactly in mind. However, the dialogues are worth mentioning. 
Queen fame director Vikas Bahl somewhat fumbles in this offbeat movie. There is no doubt that the VFX and locales are stupendous; there is also no doubt that the glamor quotient is high in this film. But it is the plot in which the director falters.However, the animations are the strong asset to the movie.
Verdict: The film will be appealing to the youth. 

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