Shailaja Teacher Is The Talk Of The Nation – Why?

Tuesday, May 18th, 2021

KK Shailaja, who is popularly known as Shailaja Teacher, was the Health Minister in the ministry of Pinarayi Vijayan in the last term. When entire Kerala expected that she would be the Minister once again and continue her service to control the coronavirus spread in the state, all their expectations are broken into pieces. This time, she didn’t get a place in the Ministry, even though she won the election with a margin of 60,000+ votes. When the people trend the Hashtag, Bring Back Shailaja Teacher, the ex-Minister explained why she is not in the Ministry. She stated that it was the party’s decision to make her the Minister in the previous term and she did her job satisfactorily. Shailaja also stated that she is very much confident that the new team will perform better than her. It’s not an individual, but the entire team is fighting the pandemic and she is happy that she could lead the team, added Shailaja.