Praveena’s Snake Video Gets 712k Views!

Thursday, May 21st, 2020

Praveena, the talented beauty, who had been doing varieties of roles in movies, has been doing mother roles in the TV Series and movies in various languages. She was last seen in "Bheeshma," a Telugu film as the mother to the hero, "Nithiin." She has been playing in a Tamil series, "Magarasi," telecasted on Sun TV. Praveena turned popular in Tamilnadu with Maharani that was telecasted in 2009- 2011 and "Priyamanaval" that telecasted in 2015- 2019. Due to the lockdown, she is in her Trivandrum residence. She grows pets, including cats and hens. Recently, she witnessed a baby snake at her house. She immediately called the expert Saji, who works at the snake park and he caught the baby cobra and took it with him.

Before he go, he caught the baby cobra and laid it in Praveena's hands and stated that it wouldn't harm. He also gave his phone number and told if anyone is in need, they could call him to catch the snake. The video was loaded in Kochu Kochu Valyakaryangal, a YouTube channel, where Praveena posts her videos. This particular video grabbed the attention of the audiences and got 712k+ views. When some appreciated her courage to handle the snake, many stated that it is risky too.

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