Rajini is scripted by Udayaraj and directed by S Vaithi. Madesh co-directed the serial. Anbu Aran and Aran Hari produced the serial. Arul cranked the camera. Sai Bharath is the music composer of Rajini. Shreya Anchan plays the titular role. Arun Crizer plays the role of Parthiban. Yalini Rajan, Subiksha Kayarohanam, Hemanth Kumar, Girija Hari, Srilekha Parthasarathy, Preetha Suresh, Arifa Arafat, Rithieshvar Rajan, Vetrivel, Vishnukanth, Srividya Shankar, David Solomon Raja, and Maanas Chawla featured in the series. Rajini is an independent woman who takes care of her family single-handedly. Though she doesn't feel it tiresome, she often faces troubles.

Rajini's family is big, and it has her mother, sisters, and a brother. Rajini's mother is Rajeswari, played by Srilekha Parthasarathy, the famous classical and playback singer. Sivashankari is Rajini’s elder sister, played by Arifa Arafat. Her first younger sister, Radhika, played by Subiksha Kayarohanam, and her second younger sister, Divya, played by Preetha Suresh. Rajini has a younger brother, Murali, played by Rithieshvar Rajan.

Rajini's life has been okayish until she falls in love. When she sets into the love life, she faces a significant setback for her sibling. What happens to Rajini's love? Will she get married? What all the sacrifices she had to make? The rest of the story deals with these. Rajini is a primetime slot telecast on Zee Tamil from Monday to Saturday at 9:30 pm. It started airing on 27th December 2021.