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Karthikadeepam Malayalam TV SERIALS on Zee Keralam
Written By - Team Nettv4u

Karthikadeepam is a Malayalam drama broadcast on the ZEE Keralam channel. This serial tells us the story of an orphaned girl named Karthika. The current family she is living with wants to get her married. They have already chosen a guy named Unni for her. But at the same time, a guy named Arun comes to the priest to seek a blessing for his wedding with Karthika which has not even happened yet. Both of them are guys who genuinely like Karthika and are the prefect-match for her. But this illusion changes when Unni is seen taking drugs. He is shown an addict who tries to fake this well-mannered persona. He is fooling Karthika and her family just to get married to her. Meanwhile, Arun proposes Karthika and she flatly refuses. But Arun does not lose hope.

Vijitha is Karthika’s cousin sister. Vijitha’s parents, who are relatives of Karthika’s family, are ruthless and ill-mannered. They keep on criticizing and taunting Karthika. Vijitha is a jealous person who thinks every good thing belongs to her, even the guy chosen for Karthika for marriage. Karthika dreams about the good life she will have with Unni. But these two go to a temple to seek the priest’s blessing after which Arun also comes to talk with the priest. The priest reveals not so good information about the couple Karthika and Unni. This alarms Arun who still loves Karthika. Unni is now staying at his in-laws' house where it has become difficult to take drugs regularly. Unni misbehaves with Karthika which reveals to her family what a fraud he is. They also come to know about his drug use. They throw him out of their house and Karthika’s life too. Karthika's behavior changes after this incident.

Even after this incident Vijitha and her family believe in Unni, rather than their own family. They are actually happy that someone hates Karthika as much as they do. After this, Unni tries every possible trick to destroy Karthika and her family. He starts blackmailing her family and throws her adoptive father into jail for possession of marijuana. Arun, despite every rejection and humiliation, would do everything in his power to save her and her family. Karthika is being forced to be with Unni and is slowly losing hope. Unni still has the support of Vijitha and her family. He is torturing Karthika and her family is powerless as he promises to kill them all if they dare say anything. Will Karthika end up marrying Unni or will she able to escape his clutches?


Adithyan Jayan Malayalam TV-Actor
DOB: 25 July 1982
Adithyan Jayan
Krishna Prabha Malayalam Movie Actress
DOB: 25 November 1987
Krishna Prabha
Shalu Menon Malayalam TV-Actress
DOB: 7 September 1982
Shalu Menon
Binda Malayalam TV-Actress