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Amme Devi Malayalam Tv serials on Surya tv
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Amme Devi is a Malayalam serial under the genre of religion myth. It broadcasts on Surya TV and is widely recognised for its cast, plot and dialogues. Surya TV channel works under Sun TV network based in Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram as the headquarters. The Surya TV aired its very first show in the 1998 and since then is known popularly in South India as a TV channel of a various number of movies and entertainment programmes.

The show Amma Devi obliges itself by the network for its reputation and the demand that comes with it. Amma Devi is the mythical storyline about the goddess Amma Devi who religiously portrays the purest women and the bearer of pains. The story revolves around her life, good deeds and incidents that gave her the stature of a goddess. The show portrays the worship of Goddess Amma as the mother of humanity. Kerala is a devoted follower of Amma Devi, and this is clearly depicted by the serial. South India is a place of worship, the sun rises and hope; with this serial, a belief in Amma Devi regulates and the devotion towards her reflects in the form of prayers.

The lead protagonist of the show is Namitha Pramod Namitha Pramod, born to Pramod and Indu on 19th Se >> Read More... as Devi. Her charm is enough to assume her the actual Amma Dev of the plot. Namitha is a very talented Malayalam actress as she begins her acting career at the tender age when she was in class seven. The first act she took up was in the Christian show Velankanni Mathavu Velankanni Mathavu belongs to the devotional genre >> Read More... . Her talent is dynamic, and as she grew up, she became one of the most versatile actresses of the 21st century.

She plays the role of Amma Devi and as she appears clothed divinely, only a glimpse of her sheds devotion and serenity. Her hand-in-hand with television reached the big screen and her first movie, Traffic, hit cinema in a big time. She is not only a Malayalam heroine but she worked in many Tamil movies as well. Her discipline towards work is laudable not only regarding acting but also dialogues. Her pitch of speaking is calm and clear, every word  he speaks is easily heard without any confusion. Along with acting, Namitha also studies and has won many awards at the age of twenty-one already. 

Namitha’s co-star Sukumari appears in Amma Devi and serves a medium of interest with her popularity and versatility. Both Namitha and Sukumari are empowering women enactors and have achieved success through their acting skills and loving nature. The cast of the show makes it more bold and appreciating.



Leena Nair Malayalam TV-Actress
Leena Nair
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