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MTV Splitsvilla 7 belongs to the reality genre. It is based on an America’s dating reality show called Flavor of Love. It started in June 2014 and completed on 25 October 2014. It was hosted by Nikhil Chinappa and Sunny Leone Sunny Leone, a famous porn star, has recently ente >> Read More... . For this season, the show’s set was the beautiful Samode Palace in Jaipur. There were 7 male and 20 female contestants in this season. The season also made the audience see few splitsvilla’s previous years contestants like Rishabh Sinha Rishabh Sinha, the hot guy who was seen in Splitsv >> Read More... and Ashwini Koul Ashwini Koul with a cute nickname of Ash is an upc >> Read More... . The show is a hunt for love where young girls and boy try to secure their place in Splitsvilla’s villa. They compete in tasks to remain in the competition and make a connection with other contestants to find love. In the end, one of the couples is crowned as winners. 

There are lots of love, backstabbing, friendship, hatred, jealousy, and fights. There are a king and a queen who have powers to dump unsafe contestants. The girls who participated in the season were Scarlett Rose Scarlett Rose is the youngest model who is just 22 >> Read More... , Apurva Singh, Damanjit Grewal An Indian model, Damanjit Grewal, is one of the re >> Read More... , Etansha Gupta Bio coming soon... >> Read More... , Heena Koranga, Jacqueline Ledli Bio coming soon... >> Read More... , Khushi Bhat Khushi Bhatt is a model and actress. She was the c >> Read More... , Kriti Lohia Bio coming soon... >> Read More... , Mukti Chopra, Palak Purswani Palak Purswani is a Hindi model and actress. She b >> Read More... , Pooja Mishra Pooja Mishra is an Indian video jockey and model, >> Read More... , Priyanka Purohit Priyanka Purohit is an Indian television actress. >> Read More... , Rashi Sharma Rashi Sharma is an Indian model from Delhi. She wa >> Read More... , Rosemary Fernades, Sanjana Ganesan Sanjana Ganesan is a very popular model. She belon >> Read More... , Savita Dokwal, Simran Mahendrawal Simran Mahendrawal is one of India’s prettiest and >> Read More... , Snoove Das, Sonali Katyal Sonali Katyal is one of the glamorous models of In >> Read More... , Unnati Pathak, Dana Vana Dana Vana is a model, a fitness trainer, and an in >> Read More... , and Ranji Chopra Ranji Chopra lives in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. >> Read More... . The boys who participated were Mayank Gandhi Mayank Gandhi is a popular TV actor, who got his t >> Read More... , Abhishek Malik Abhishek Malik was born on May 23, 1990. He is an >> Read More... , Ashwini Koul, Ayaz Ahmed Ayaz Ahmed rose to fame after his appearance on MT >> Read More... , Mayank Pawar Mayank Pawar is the winner of the Mr. India Title >> Read More... , Rishab Sinha, Shravan Reddy Shravan Reddy, 26 years old, born in Hyderabad, In >> Read More... , and Yasir Khan Yasir Khan is an Indian supermodel and a fitness t >> Read More... . Rishabh Sinha and Ayaz Ahmed were banished by Khushi Bhat being the queen.

Mayank Pawar was dumped by Dana Vana, while Yasir Khan got eliminated. Ashwini Koul quit the show when his lady love, Sanjana, left the show because of an injury happened during a task. There were surprisingly two queens and two kings in this season, Khushi Bhat and Dana Vana were queens and Abhishek Malik, and Shravan Reddy were Kings. This season became the most popular one as it had hatred, animosity, and also there was a love triangle. There were also some wildcard entries through MTV Battleground just like a fairy tale.

Ranji and Dana Vana were female wildcard entry, while Yasir Khan was male wildcard entry. This season saw the most number of love couples than any other season like Sanjana & Ashwini, Abhishek & Khushi, Priyanka & Ayaz, and Mayank Gandhi & Rashi. Mayank Pawar had also won the Mr. Asia title. He saved Rashi from getting banished in dumping ground by tying the protection thread around her hand. His elimination made Sunny Leone emotional. Also when Ayaz Ahmed proposed Priyanka, it brought tears in all’s eyes that were present there.

The last fight of the season was between Khushi & Abhishek and Mayank Gandhi & Scarlett Rose for which Abhishek was very sad as he shared a brother-season relation with Scarlett and was not at all happy seeing his love competing against his sister. One more things happened in this season that a contestant, Shravan threw something on Sunny Leone when he was very angry on other co-contestants of splitsvilla. Scarlett Rose and Mayank Gandhi became the Ultimate King and Queen of Splitsvilla 7 i.e. they were the winners. Khushi Bhatt Bio coming soon... >> Read More... and Abhishek Mallik were the runners-up, and Dana Vana & Shravan Reddy and Apurva Singh & Yasir Khan were 2nd and 3rd runners-up respectively.

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