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Baavle Utaavle Hindi TV SERIALS on SAB TV
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Baavle Utaavle is a family sitcom that was aired in the Sony SAB channel. This show was broadcasted on 18 February 2019 from Monday-Friday at 10 pm, and this serial is of 22 minutes duration. This story revolves around Guddu and Funty. These two people are desperate to fall in love and get married to their soul mates. They fall in love instantly at first sight. They then decide to get married and to start a journey called life. After going through a lot of setbacks, such as before their day of marriage, Guddu’s grandma passed away, or due to some imbecile, their marriage always got broke down, and they finally get married.

The serial also showcases, how they handle the situations, come out of troubles, and they learn to balance all the responsibilities eventually by balancing all the family relationships without any disputes. Suddenly a dreadful situation happens as; Funty met with an accident and completely loses her memory about her past life and forgets Guddu. Guddu puts much effort into bringing back his wife's reminiscence, and he comes up with new ideas to recall Funty their love life, but everything goes in vain. While in Guddu's life, he meets Chubbli Pandey, she revers him and also starts to pretend as his wife, this makes Funty think about the bond they share.

Amidst of this ongoing scenario, another character set foot in, an alternate therapy doctor Salman also happens to be a Guddu childhood friend helps his wife regain her memory still, without his knowledge, he falls in love with her. The remaining story is whether Funty recalls her memory about her husband and will their still love prevails after a series of setbacks.

The cast members of this series are Vaibav Singh (Guddu), Shivani Baddoni (Funty), Paras Arora Paras Arora is well known TV actor for his wonder >> Read More... , Neelam Pathania Neelam Pathania is an Indian television actress wh >> Read More... , Nidhi, Alka Moghna and Mohita. Viewers also adored this serial because of its unique concept and unexpected twists in the story. It is produced by Director Cut Productions.



Ashutosh Tiwari Hindi TV-Actor
DOB: 18 March 1987
Ashutosh Tiwari
Jayshree Gadkar Hindi Movie Actress
DOB: 21 February 1942
Jayshree Gadkar
Makarand Deshpande Hindi Director
DOB: 6 March 1966
Makarand Deshpande
Iqbal Azad Hindi TV-Actor
DOB: 7 October 1970
Iqbal Azad
Jason Tham Hindi Dancer
DOB: 15 October 1989
Jason Tham