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Army wives’ is an American drama television show in 2007. The show was adapted from a book titled ‘Under the Sabers: The unwritten codes of army wives’ by Tanya Blank. The show revolves around four army wives, one army husband, and their respective families. The show opens with Roxy, played by Sally Pressman Sally Pressman is an American-based artist. She is >> Read More... , accepting the proposal of Private Trevor LeBlanc, played by Drew Fuller Drew Fuller is also known as Andrew Alan Drew Full >> Read More... , after just seeing each other for a week. She has two children with her first husband who also moves in with her in Trevor’s Army post. Roxy soon joins a local joint that is known for being a Jody bar, as a bartender. She meets three other army wives in the bar and becomes friends with all of them. The show follows them as they go through their tough life of being married to army personnel. The show puts a lot of light on serious issues such a post-traumatic stress disorder, adultery, abuse, death, hostage situations, love, etc.

The plot of the show is significantly different from that of the book which made the fans of the book happy as they didn’t want to see the same story on screen. The show has been directed by John T. Kretchmer and created by Katherine Fugate. The show premiered on channel Lifetime on June 3, 2007, and caught the attention of the television watching audience. People loved the show for its story, style, and structure. The show also had hugely talented actors in the cast of the show which made the show all the more popular for the right reasons. The show could be considered as some of the most successful shows on the Lifetime network. The show became such a success that the producers and the network were compelled to renew the show for six more seasons in the subsequent year. The show has 117 episodes. The show also received much love from critics who loved the show for its writing and characters. The show has won several honorable awards such as Gracie Allen Award and ASCAP award. The show was canceled after its seventh season in 2013.


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