Telugu Tv Serial Sundarakanda

Sundarakanda Telugu Tv serials on Gemini tv

‘Sundarakandam’ is one of the famous Telugu serial broadcasted on Gemini TV which aired on 2010. The show was directed by 'K Bhagyaraj' who was a famous director and he wrote many serials. Simran, who is a famous south Indian Actress, appeared as a guest role in the serial. The serial eventually got high TRP ratings with her appearance.

The story is about a woman ’Sujatha’ who leads a simple life. The story revolves around her character after her marriage with US software engineer and the people she meets in her life. The story shows her life in ‘US’ and the problem arises where she suffers a lot with her husband and his family in America. Eventually they even try to kill her and torture her a lot. The show goes on with how she overcomes the situations and how she succeeded finally. The plot goes up with lots of twists but slow narration. When the serial is about to lag a bit, Simran who played the role of lawyer comes to rescues Sujatha. As Simran appeared as a guest with the immediate effect the show got the boon and it got high Ratings immediately. The director was succeeded in making the story acceptable by audience. The show attracted lots of audience and dragged the attention of lot more viewers.

After the success, the show was also dubbed in to Tamil as ‘Sundarakandam’ which aired on Polymer TV.