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Anna Chellalu was super hit serial telecasted on Maa TV at 7:30 pm from Monday to Friday. It was srarted on 25th July 2012 and has successfully completed its (final. 479th episode on 24th May’2013. Anna chellalu serial is written, directed and produced by P.Prabhakar. Prabhakar, Sameera, Divija, Priyanka, Maheshwari, Medha etc. have acted in this serial. In this serial Prabhakar has acted in a female getup. This is the first time ever any male artist acted in a female getup in a TV serial for such a long period. For this serial Prabhakar’s daughter Divija has received Nandi Award. Prabhakar has given an all-round performance in his roles as an actor, story and screenplay writer, director and as a producer for this serial. Anna chellalu serial is an emotional and heart touching story of bonding between a brother and his sisters and how fate has brought turns and twists in their lives.

The Anna Chellalu serial starts with the story of Veerraju who hates women and who is always abusive of his mother as she gave birth to him without getting married. In his opinion, wife is meant only for enjoyment and to provide money. He marries a rich girl through unconvinced plans and kills her father as he denies giving his property to him. Not knowing this, his innocent wife gives her property’s rights to Verraju. While she is pregnant she finds a 12 year old boy who is an orphan in a temple and brings him to her home and keeps him with her. Verraju did not object to this thinking that this boy will serve as an assistant when his wife gives birth to a child. She gives birth to 2 girls. And when she gave birth to a girl again Veeraaju sets her on fire along with the 3 children.

But the orphan boy – Dasu saves her children from fire. While dying, the mother takes a promise from Dasu that he would take care of the three children. The story then unfolds how he takes the brother’s position and brings them up. As the generation changes, the three girls hate their bother in a misconception that he is the killer of their mother. As they keep him away from them, he chose to be with them in a female getup. Prabhakar who played the role of Dasu, took a brave step to act in a female character “Ramulakka”. This created quite a stir in the audience and helped to raise the TRPs of the show. After many turns and twists, the misconception about Dasu is cleared and all become a family together, happily.

Another version of the story... 

28th July 2011 was the date when Anna Chellalu was launched on Maa TV. A brand new Drama takes the top of the ratings on Maa TV. It was broadcasted weekly from Monday to Friday at 7:30PM and two years later on 24th May 2013 last episode with number 279 was broadcasted. The Director P. Prabhakar with the stars cast like Priyanka, Maheshwari, Medha, Sameera, Divija, Giri Bapu, Raja Ravindra Raja Ravindra’s original name is Ramesh Dantuluri. >> Read More... and other great actor can take all the credentials and the applause for a well done Drama television series. The plot line of Anna Chellalu of Veerraju a man who hates women; he married to a rich and beautiful girl with a family with a high position in the society.

He killed his father-in-law to take all his fortune and properties, and his innocent wife gave her all the rights to him. As he hates the women he abuses his wife and when she is pregnant, he threatens her to not bore a girl and one day when she goes to a temple she finds a 12 year orphan boy and she brings him home. Veerraju didn’t object to this. The first two children that Veerraju’s wife gives birth to were girls and also the 3rd one. Seeing this Veerraju got mad and set her on fire with all three girls. Dasu, the orphan boy saved the children, but he could not save the mother and promises her that he will take care of the girls. As the time passed the girls begin to hate Dasu for killing their mother without knowing the truth about this. It is a really emotional drama and during the serial the story takes many turnarounds and creates lots of emotions and scnes demanding tears. This is a must watch television serial.


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