Telugu Tv Serial Manasu Mamata

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Manasu Mamatha’ is a Telugu daily serial which was being telecasted on Eenadu TV on every Monday to Friday from 07:30 PM to 08:00 PM IST. The show has been directed by Anil Kumar. The key characters in the serial were ‘ Ram Prasad’ and ‘ Raja’. The serial has successfully completed 1000 episodes and is still continuing with the same success, starring Anil, Vikas, Krishna Reddy, Hariteja and Hema Sri. Ram Prasad and Raja were the two top most industrialists in the city.

Shankar was Raja’s driver and their respective wives gave birth to children at the same time. Unfortunately, Raja’s wife gives birth to a dead child but Shankar’s wife has got twins. Shankar asks Raja to take one of his children without revealing the secret to their wives. Raja and Shankar became good friends. The plot goes up with conflicts and rivalry between Ram Prasad and Raja. Raja’s friend Shankar had been murdered by Ram Prasad as per Raja’s view. So he had been conflicting with Ram Prasad.

But the actual murderer was Ashok, who was a rival and competitor of Raja. Ashok tries to raise the conflicts between them and however succeeds in his plan. But later, Raja recognises that Ashok was the main person who was behind the death of Shankar and realises the fact. The story is a family drama. The story goes on with the raising up of two kids in entirely different status - one as a millionaire’s child and the other as a driver’s daughter. The show succeeded in attracting the audience and got a good response from the viewers.