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Other names of : Manasu Mamatha
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Manasu Mamatha’ is a Telugu daily serial that is being telecasted on Eenadu TV every Monday to Friday from 07:30 PM to 08:00 PM IST. The show has been directed by Anil Kumar. The key characters in the serial are ‘Ram Prasad’ and ‘Raja’. The serial has successfully completed 1000 episodes and is still continuing with the same success, starring Anil, Vikas, Krishna Reddy, Hariteja, and Hema Sri.

Ram Prasad and Raja were the two topmost industrialists in the city. Shankar was Raja’s driver and their respective wives gave birth to children at the same time. Unfortunately, Raja’s wife gave birth to a dead child but Shankar’s wife had given birth to twins. Shankar asks Raja to take one of his children without revealing the secret to their wives and they became good friends. The plot goes up with conflicts and rivalry between Ram Prasad and Raja. Raja’s friend Shankar had been murdered by Ram Prasad as per Raja’s view. So he had been conflicting with Ram Prasad.

But the actual murderer was Ashok, who was a rival and competitor of Raja. Ashok tries to raise the conflicts between Ram Prasad and Raja and however he succeeds in his plan. But later, Raja recognizes that Ashok was the main culprit behind Shankar’s death and realizes the fact. The story then goes on with the raising up of two kids in entirely different status and upbringing - one as a millionaire’s child and the other as a driver’s daughter. The show succeeded in attracting the audience and got a good response from the viewers.

Another Version of the Serial...

A very famous Telugu serial which had already completed 1836 episodes by December 10, 2016, is itself a big achievement. The name of the show described here is Manasu Mamatha. It was telecast on ETV network. The timings of the show were 7:30 p.m. from Monday to Saturday. The story began with the introduction of Mr. Koteshwar Rao and his family. Mr. Koteshwar better known as Koti worked under the guidance of Harshavardan, who was very rich and maintained a high-status. Koti had a wife and a daughter. His daughter was named as Archana who was very much favored by Harshvardan.

Harshvardan also had a daughter, Soundarya who didn’t like Archana at all and she always planned something or the other to create trouble for Archana’s life. Later the show travels to Ramprasad, a worker whose wife is dead and he has a daughter Lalitha with whom he lives alone. Soon we got to know that Archana was a teacher at the school in which Lalitha studies and both of them had a strong bond of friendship. And then Archana marries Ramprasad and the family which was incomplete was now complete. And all the three lived together happily.

Later we saw that Soundarya married Krishna, who was the brother-in-law of Archana. Soundarya married Krishna just to create trouble in the life of Archana. Then Soundarya marries another man named Shashank who was rich and we got to know that Archana was now dead. But then we saw that Archana was alive actually, she looked like Archana but was not Archana. She marries Krishna later. In an accident, the lady who looked like Archana was destroyed terribly and doctors gave her the face of a wealthy woman named as Gayatri Devi. And Gayatri Devi was killed by Soundarya and Shashank for her wealth. And then Archana’s lookalike and Krishna went to the USA.

After going the USA a lot of events took place, a lot of people in the serial changed their identity and a lot of twists came into each individual’s life. Soundarya was soon found guilty of the murder of Gayatri Devi. Lalitha who is now grown up marries Ashok. And we saw that Archana is now the owner of an orphanage. There were some medical issues too with Krishna’s daughter Chandu. She was suffering from brain cancer but soon it was cured and then she was suggested that she can bear a baby if she wants to now. And the story ends with a happy mood