Tamil Tv Show Vetripadikattu

Vetripadikattu Tamil tv-shows on YouTube Channel

Vetri Padikattu is a live show that airs at 2:30 PM on Thanti TV. It was started in 2012. The program invites a wide range of speakers to share their views on particular topics, which will be helpful to students on their path towards success. The speakers are usually experts in particular walks of life, and the show allows them to express their views on several different kinds of jobs and such, and offer advice to students who watch are tuning in at the time. The show appears as a news show, considering that it is aired on a predominantly news channel i.e. Thanti TV. An example of a guest who assists the students is Mr. Ravi Kasi. In his episode, Mr. Kasi speaks about how students can achieve their desired marks in Physics for their plus two exams, one of the toughest tasks involved in the life of a regular student.

Such information is helpful to student as Physics proves to be a difficult subject to conquer in school. Mr. R. Suresh, a teacher, appears on the program to speak about mastering the Chemistry paper. Yet another instalment covers the matter of helping students reach their full potential. Such information can prove to be useful to parents and their children alike, as keeping a student motivated during stressful times is no small feat. The matter of colleges and an undergraduate education is thandled by Mr. Nedunchezhiyan, who spoke of Private Deemed Universities during his time on the show. On a more practical note, some of the episodes also tackle the elusive matter of availability of jobs.

One of the episodes, discussed on the vacancy of jobs in the Southern Railways, thus providing information about lucrative government jobs. An episode in 2016 informed the students of jobs that are available in departments left unexplored by most people applying for jobs. This show proves to be an informative segment and allows students to traverse the otherwise unknown depths of education and then jobs better equipped. The experts speaking can instil a sense of confidence that allows a student to be able to achieve great heights. Moreover, the subject of jobs and the job market is one that is a matter of great importance to all students who are about to leave college and enter the workforce. The program provides valuable information for students of all ages.