Tamil Tv Show Vanakkam Thainadu

Vanakkam Thainadu Tamil TV SHOWS on IBC Tamil

Vanakkam Thainadu is a travel show that used to broadcast on IBC Tamil. It was created by the Canadian Press and was one of the most acclaimed shows on IBC Tamil. The show was directed by Rishie. Vanakkam Thainadu was a unique travel show that often incorporated elements of a documentary series. The show visited places symbolic to the Tamilian people and explored them. It was received positively by the Tamilian diaspora and was cited by people to evoke memories of their homeland. The show travelled to various parts of Sri Lanka as part of its programming. It often brought out the unexplored parts of these places on television.

The show highlighted various aspects of these places like its culture, history, lifestyle, food, and environment. This allowed the show to present a complete picture of the area to its viewer. The show often looked at famous landmarks around the area too. As part of its programming, it also covered various Tamilian festivals and events and how the celebrations differed from place to place. Vanakkam Thainadu showcased mainly the Jaffna region of Sri Lanka which is densly populated with Tamilian people. Jaffna is a major city in the northern Sri Lanka with a lot of history. The city is home to many historical monuments, universities, and forts.

The city was also, unfortunately, a major site of the civil unrest in Sri Lanka. The show visited many important areas including the St. Anne’s Church. It also travelled to various parts in and around Jaffna like Point Pedro and Manipay. Point Pedro is a town in the northernmost region of Sri Lanka. It was a major cotton exporting city that shipped goods to South India. It also has ancient Hindu temples. Manipay has a major significance to the Tamil population and was often referred as the Colombo 7. Manipay houses some of the most famous Hindu Temples, the Velakkai Pillaiyar Temple and the Manipay Hindu College.

Manipay was also the birthplace of many influential Sri Lankan personalities. Along with various places and their history, Vanakkan Thainadu also captured various festivals and how they are celebrated in different parts of Sri Lanka such as the festival of Karthikai Vilakkidu. Karthikai Vilakkidu is the festival of lights and observed when the moon is in conjunction with the constellation Karthigai. The festival is celebrated mostly in Tamil Hindu households. Along with the festival of lights, the show also followed Christmas celebrations in and around Jaffna. Vanakkam Thainadu provides a unique perspective of life in various Tamil regions and highlights the differences between each area and shows what makes each city unique.