Tamil Tv Show Uzhavar Santhai

Uzhavar Santhai Tamil tv-shows on MAKKAL TV

"Uzhavar Santhai" is a Tamil language TV show. Makkal TV is telecasting network for this special show. The TV show is a social TV program. The TV show is telecasted on every Saturday at 2 PM. "Uzhavar Santhai" is a live TV show. The show runs for 30 minutes on Makkal TV from 2 PM to 2.30 PM. "Uzhavar Santhai" TV show was specially made for the farmers of the country. The live TV show provided the farmers of the country with a stage where they could come and show, some of their discoveries and inventions they have done in their field of work.. Through the Television screens, the farmers could connect to a large audience base. This TV exposure allowed farmers t o share their knowledge at a macro level.

The TV show "Uzhavar Santhai" also enabled the farmers to interact live through television. Also, the show provided the farmers a way to get in direct contact with its customers and, viable audience. Farmers were able to attract a lot of investors and improve their chances of getting capital. This way, through the program, the various new inventions and discoveries made by the farmers, invited a lot of people interested in such inventions to make a contribution for the cause. The show spread a lot of knowledge and gave out some meaningful and affordable inventions that could help other farmers. The show also received support from the government and the government has itself launched a scheme for the farmers in the name of "Uzhavar Santhai".

The show brought farmers closer to their customers, dealers and other business opportunities. The TV show became a major source of help, work for social issues, information, knowledge sharing and, entertainment. The farmers who were often deprived by the developmental plans got a stage where they were able to share their views, show their discoveries, prove their inventions, and find the viable audience for them. Also, for the audience, the show has been proven helpful as they have got to know new things about famers, the other farmers got to know new methods of doing work, investors got to know about few business opportunities and, it lead to the development of the society as a whole.