Tamil Tv Show Unave Marunthu

Unave Marunthu Tamil TV SHOWS on Kalaignar TV

"Unave Marunthu" is a Tamil language TV show. The TV show has been telecasted by one of the leading Tamil networks, Kalaignar TV, in the year 2015. "Unave Marunthu" is a special TV program made for a special purpose. This TV show has been specially made for women. The TV show has special episodes everyday for women. These episodes are based on health tips, healthy food, staying fit tips, beauty tips, do it yourself tips, house chores tips and, many other related topics. The TV channel invites guests on the show who experienced in their respective fields. The TV show has invited beauticians for their beauty specific episodes where they have shared their tips of using natural products, making beauty packs at home, staying fit, importance of beauty, how often one should get beauty treatments, minimal usage of chemical products, easy hairstyles, home-made scrubs and cleansers and, other related beauty tips.

On June 24th the show aired an episode called "Know your Passion". In this episode, the guest told the audience about many small business ideas, motivated the women to work for their passions, and told them about various tips to save a huge chunk of money by just making a few minor changes in their lifestyle. In one special episode Mrs. Swathi was invited to read out poems written in the Tamil language by some of the most renowned poets for the audience. There were a few like this in which Shivagami narrated Tamil poetry to the viewers. In one episode the audience was told how they could keep their house clean with few tips and tricks. Dr. Manulakshmi came to the show and told the viewers about problems that women face during post pregnancy or pre-pregnancy and also shared other health tips.

Many other eminent personalities from their specific fields were invited to share their knowledge with the audience. The show has received so much love from the audience that the channel has featured more than 600 episodes. The show was full of knowledge, entertainment, and fun and above all, it kept the audience interested. e Women loved watching the TV show as it gave them a lot of information about petty household chores to beauty tips, making healthy food, staying fit, exercises, business ideas, ideas of saving money, doing effortless work, do it yourself idea, hair styling, and poetry recitation. "Unave Paarambariyam" is a segment of the Tamil TV show "Vidiyale Vaa". This Tamil show has been telecasted by Kalaignar TV. The show had been telecasted by the network in the year 2015.

The TV show is a special program with different segments made for special purposes. The TV show was like a cookery show where the audiences were enlightened with various food facts, healthy recipes, cooking techniques using ancient Indian ingredients and how these ingredients were used, the specialties of these various ingredients and the way they can be used in modern times. Dr. Amudha hosted the session of "Unave Paarambariyam". She started the segment by talking to the audiences about the concept of the show and its importance. She later on explains the various health issues and how eating right can treat almost anything. Then, she showcases various ingredients from the past to show them to the viewers of the show. She explains to the audience about each and every ingredient, the origin of those ingredients, the history related to them and their use. She also explains the way these ingredients were actually used in ancient Indian cooking.

Later, she would also tell how each of those ingredients is beneficial for your health and about their medicinal purposes. Then, she would tell the viewers about the various ways the ingredients can be used to cook various dishes. The ingredients could either be used separately or mixed by grinding them together. Also, she would talk about how each ingredient can be used so that it benefits a person's health in the best way possible. The show brought to the viewers the essence of old and traditional Indian ingredients , their use in preparing several dishes and their health benefits. The segment has been a hit with over 600 plus episodes. The TV show was full of knowledge, fun, entertainment, food talks and health benefits. This has helped the viewers know a lot more about ancient India and the cuisine from that time. Dr. Amudha had been a good host and, had interacted with the audiences very well. The show has been a hit and, has received a huge amount of love.