Tamil Tv Show Suvaiyo Suvai

Suvaiyo Suvai Tamil TV SHOWS on JAYA TV

Suvaiyo Suvai is a Tamil language cookery show which is aired on Jaya TV. It focuses on the preparation of various vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Dr. Damodaran, who is the host of the show, is a well-known Guinness chef and is known to set unbreakable cookery records. Telecasted every Friday at 6:30 P.M., the show happens to have high TRP due to its presentation and content. People across various continents love to cook different dishes. Not everybody is a great cook and can neither remember all the recipes every time they enter the kitchen. Thus, shows like Suvaiyo Suvai act as a breather for all those hungry souls.

The show is very popular with viewers from all over the world. Chef Damodaran is a world-renowned cook and uses his unique style of presenting complex recipes in the easiest ways. In one of the episodes, he showed how to prepare tasty Tomato Pulao in minutes. Not only this, the program features a recap of all the recipes for those who want to note it down along with a step-wise cooking procedure. All of us visit expensive restaurants and eateries almost every other day to satisfy our food cravings.

Rather than spending hours waiting for a table outside your favorite restaurant, now is the time to prepare those dishes at home. Whether it is grilled chicken with Mushroom Sauce or Green Peas Masala, Chef Damodaran adds his creativity to make the dishes more tasty and delicious. A popular episode with over 15000 views showed how easy it is to cook Mysore Bonda for breakfast or as a snack for munching. He also prepared chicken kebabs and gave useful tips to make the dishes more flavorsome. All the ingredients used for cooking dishes are readily available in the market without much effort. So, all the food lovers out there, Chef Damodaran has a dish for all the meals of the day.

The best part of the show is that the recipes are not only easy but are equally healthy for your body. So, don’t just fill your stomach with boring and bland food. Rather, it is better to follow easy-to-cook recipes by the Chef. One of the most watched episodes telecasted in 2017 showed how to cook vegetable biryani in few minutes. Not only this, but the chef also prepared Mirchi ka Salan along with Vegetable Raita to complete the meal. In the end, he explained how important it is to plate and garnish the food properly so that it looks amazing and appetizing.