Tamil Tv Show Reel Petti

Reel Petti Tamil TV SHOWS on Vendhar TV

Reel Petti is a special Tamil language TV show. Vendhar TV which is among the top Tamil language TV channels that provide its audience with the best of TV from different genres. Reel Petti has been such a popular and, entertaining TV shows on the Vendhar TV screens. Reel Peti was a TV show related to the cinema of the Tamil industry.

This is the TV show which provided its audiences with a lot of information on the media industry and, the entertainment industry. The TV show had different, unique and, other entertaining segments. The host of Reel Peeti starts this TV show as she welcomes the audiences with great enthusiasm. Later, she takes the audiences with her segment by segment.

Each segment has a different kind of information related to the cinema of Tamil. The various segments include clips from various movies which could be funny clips, pre-shoot clips; post shoot clips, best dialogues in scenes, and best clips from top Tamil language films. Other segments have musical shots, musical clips, songs from upcoming films, related clips; shoot clips, actors talking about shooting, talk with related singers and, other such clips. Other segments have special updates on the Tamil Film industry, news about new movies, pre-shoot, post shoot, special news about actors and, actresses and, other industry updates.

There were musical sessions, dance sessions, game sessions, and conversation sessions and, many more in the entire episode. Also, a lot of updates of what’s going on with the films that have released, their ratings from different sources, audience views, not yet released films, and their promotions updates and more. Moreover, there were segments where celebrities fashion is discussed, a lot of fashion updates and, designer world updates are also provided. There is gossip section as well.

There is a lot of masala news in the next section and, other entertaining news for the audiences. Moreover, the TV show provides a lot of backstage videos, clips and bloopers videos with the audiences. Also, it provides the audiences with the news of upcoming music, songs, films, etc. The host takes the audience at the real site locations and, shows various clips. Special scenes were picked from various Tamil movies to be played on the TV screens. Related memories, background story, related funny moments and other clips were also put together. Each segment had different information than the other. The TV show is a complete source of information and, entertainment for the viewers.