Tamil Tv Show Reel Anthu Pochu Da Samy

Reel Anthu Pochu Da Samy Tamil TV SHOWS on Vendhar TV

Reel Anthu Pochuda Saamy is a Tamil show aired from 2014 to 2015 in VendharTV where the cameras are hidden away from the peoples' sight. Hosts, under covered and hilarious reactions of the public, is captured as they get pranked by them. Everyone must have the term smoking kills but do you go around telling every stranger their harm? Watch as the hosts turned into doctor go visiting the shops near the school, bus stations and other areas of Chennai and imposing fine on them.

The tension and nervousness that build up in the face of the innocent unaware people as they see the doctors making checking them up and making them carry big boards of harm of smoking in front of their shop . And also making some of them pledge. You will surely stop smoking because of laughing. Imagine you are in middle of road driving and suddenly nature calls you. And you see no one is there and there is wall or big bushes to go. What would you do? You look here and there and go behind the bushes.

Then see yourself being caught by two doctors and a police charging you and checking you up. Even making you promise not to use the wall next time. See as our general public who can’t resist the nature calls be pranked on by the hosts. Maybe you will pee by laughing. Taking their cleaning campaign around the shops the hosts, this time, make the people of the shops join their cleaning campaign and force them clean the surrounding area. They make them take a pledge for cleanliness.

Laugh while you clean. Who would not want a free health check-up? Also by three doctors checking you up from all the side asking your bad habits? Look how nervous people get being checked up by three doctors at the same time in the corner. While they get nervous, you sit there and laugh at them for getting pranked. Going in a road driving without helmet and breaking the road rules seems fun when not being charged with fine. What if you are caught not only by the traffic police but also being questioned besides getting charged? I'll sweat my all clothes. See as the hosts tense up the people on roads without a helmet .Laugh and be careful while you drive. The show is all about above mentioned and much more like this situation where the hosts turn their avatar going from place to place scaring the people around and giving us a good laugh.