Tamil Tv Show Pudhu Padam Eppadi Irukku

Pudhu Padam Eppadi Irukku Tamil TV SHOWS on SUN TV

“Pudhu Padam Eppadi Iruku” is a Tamil program which is an entertaining show which is broadcasted in ‘Sun TV’. It is telecasted in the weekend that is on every Saturday morning at 9am. Sun TV is a prominent Channel in the Southern Region of India which is well known for its age and fascinating program list. ‘Pudhu Padam Eppadi Iruku’ is a completely fun-filled show which is topping the most favourite program list for all the movie buffs. The show is all about reviewing the latest Tamil Cinema that has released in the recent times. Two anchors carry out the show in the most entertaining way with their comments, reviews and positive notches about the cinema. Show runs for about an hour each week and about two movies are selected and spoken about.

All the Background research work about the movies are done by an exclusive team of ‘Pudhu Padam Eppadi Iruku’ who notes all the points of the movie that needs to be highlighted in the show. A discussion and interview with the team of the specific movie may also take place sometimes. Such interview will also be telecasted apart from reviewing the movie. In Pudhu Padam Eppadi Iruku Show, a movie is selected and all the special and note-worthy areas in the movie are pointed out by the anchors. The show also talks about the actors, the director, the producer, the Music Director, the cinematography in the film along with the technical advances that the film carries with. Apart from giving reviews about the film, clipping scenes from the movie will also be telecasted in the show.

The show would start from giving a lead to the film, the positives of the film will be highlighted and areas of improvements will be mentioned along with scenes and songs from the movie in-between the reviews. Pudhu Padam Eppadi Iruku show is usually hosted by two anchors to make it more lively and interactive in nature. The show has been hosted in the past by ‘VJ Aishwarya Krish’, ‘VJ Diya’, ‘VJ Adams’ and many other famous and bubbly anchors who are the part of ‘Sun Team’ already. This show is popular among the teenage category of people who are eagerly waiting to know about the film and its pros and cons. Watch ‘Pudhu Padam Eppadi Iruku’ in Sun TV every Saturday to keep on track with the most recent Tamil Movies and its where about.