Tamil Tv Show Pengal Neram

Pengal Neram is a Tamil TV show that premiered on 21st August 2012 on Raj TV and airs every Monday through Friday. This show is a platform for all the Tamil Nadu women to showcase their talent in all fields including cooking, art, craft and household chores. It is a series directed by Raj TV and is hosted by Shri Usha. It has one season containing 854 episodes as of 23 June 2015. It is a woman-centric show comprising of astrology, cooking and mother-daughter relationships. Basically, the show is a platform to bring out best talents present in the Tamil Nadu women in all the fields.

It supports feminism and is also an informative motivational procedure of inculcating interest in a particular zone for women, for a long time women in India have been overshadowed by men and were kept indoors and were confined to kitchen. Allthough this program involves cooking, it also involves man diversified fields for women to explore and enjoy the pleasure of living an amazing life. Usually, there are three famous fields shown by this series One is cooking. We all know cooking is essential as you cannot survive without food and over the years only women were expected to cook and the task was assigned to them. In modern era people feel that both men and women need to learn how to cook.

Leaving feminism aside, this show is directed to housewives and spinsters’ who need the experience as the housewives are expected to cook for the family and spinsters who are especially alone and have to cook for themselves and to learn the skills to satisfy her future spouse. The second field is astrology where the mystic predicts the future of each horoscope sign though people consider this as fake yet there is a vast majority of the population who believe in this. There are certain theories which are used to predict the future of each horoscope sign; each sign is a representation of a respective constellation. The third part is household chores like washing clothes, utensils and keeping house neat and clean, the talent is also marked in the above fields. The ability to clean the environment where an individual is living marks good learning curve for the rest of the women.