Tamil Tv Show Ossthi

Ossthi Tamil tv-shows on SUN TV

Ossthi is a comedy show that aired on Sun TV in 2014. The show was also a reality show that focused on comedy. The show was broadcasted weekly on Saturday at 10 pm and featured prominent people like K. Bhagyaraj and Nandita. K. Bhagyaraj is a celebrated actor and director who has been a part of numerous Hindi, Telugu, Kannada and Tamil films and television shows. His shot to fame was the film ‘Mundhanai Mudichu’ and was awarded the best actor at Film fare awards. He currently edits the ‘Bhagya’ magazine and is also a well-known writer.

Nandita or Nandita Raj is a comparatively new entrant in the Telugu movie industry. She made her debut in the Telugu film ‘Neeku Naku Dash Dash’ and since then has gone on to act in many Telugu and Malayalam movies. The show is a comedy based reality show. Each episode has sixteen participants that are chosen randomly. All of them are divided into four teams of four players each. The teams compete among themselves to win the episode. Bhagyaraj and Nandita serve on the panel as judges to give points and decide the winner of the show. The participants form teams and perform comedic acts as a team of four. They have to involve all the participants in the act.

The act may belong to any form of comedy, and there are rarely regulations to govern. Since the show is in Telugu, the acts are performed in Telugu, and the humor has subtle jokes that the native speakers would appreciate. Though there are no regulations, the teams set their acts to common and simple themes that everyone would be able to identify. They take inspiration from the life of the common man that set their acts around the mundane things that everyone experiences. They try to bring out the humor in these things that we often miss.

Along with serving as judges, Bhagyaraj and Nandita also provide comedic relief and engage in banter with the participants. The teams perform their acts one by one, and at the end of the show, the winner is declared. Ossthi is a good show that tries to bring out the fresh blood in comedy. Instead of the same old topics, the show explores new forms of comedy and new subjects to. The acts are genuine and don't feel fake. The participants try to keep the comedy clean and ensure that entire family can enjoy it.