Tamil Tv Show Oru Varthai Oru Latcham Juniors Season 3


It is a Tamil educational show telecasted on Star Vijay presented by James Vasanthan a popular Tamil anchor and music composer. Two students from each school represent their schools and participate in the show. The show is consists of four rounds. Students who score all four rounds with the high score wins a cash prize. In the first round, students are given two minutes to figure out five words related to a particular topic. One student is allowed to give three clues related to the word only using Tamil words. If the words are not in Tamil it is considered wrong, and they do not get the score for that word.

The clues must be interlinked to each other, so it makes it easy for the person who guesses the word. After the time limit of two minutes is over the students are asked to shift their places and provide clues. They are trained for both the clues and answers. In the second round, the words are jumbled and do not have any connection between them. The clues can be guessed write only when the person who gives a clue and finds it knows the word well. The third round is Thirukural round. The person must choose a word from it and try to give three clues related to the word within one minute.

If the word is not guessed in one minute another word from the Kural can be chosen, and clues can be given. The last round is the rapid fire round. The students must be able to guess a maximum number of words in the given time limit. The first time limit is 90 seconds, and when the place is switched they are given 30 seconds. The student who scores maximum scores move to the next level.