Tamil Tv Show Manam Vittu Pesalam

Manam Vittu Pesalam Tamil tv-shows on CAPTAIN TV

Manam Vittu Pesalam had a psychological attribution to it. It had the telecast schedule late in the evening. In order to understand the theme of the show, one had to get the meaning of the title under which it broadcasted. Manam in the Tamil language that describes Heart or anything related to it. Vitu describes leaving something freely. Pesalam denotes somebody calling to talk between two. Technically, it determines the concept of interaction. As a result, , an event of interaction between two persons with open hearts. The format had an anchor or actress who sat before the telephone. It had live composition. The viewers would call them and discuss the grievances they had faced in their life. It had the different sets like family issues, love affairs, and student misunderstandings.

The leader had a compassionate tone in her voice. The callers either addressed their name voluntarily or remained anonymous. The soul motive of the program ,as its director mentioned in one of the press conferences was to provide a platform to speak up as humans had the tendency to commit suicide whenever they felt lonely and did not have anyone to open up to. . The reports had shocked the entire mankind when this sort of practice found prevalence in recent times. The disturbing practice had no place during the previous decade as the institution of family was well set up. The decrease in interaction among the parents and children resulted in such coward practices.

In order to supplement the relationship and bridge the gap, the channel sought help .The producer had personally worked with many of the volunteers of Non-Governmental Organizations such as Sneha to collaborate on preventing the suicides at large. The participants need not be of a particular age to call. Whenever they felt insecure or felt that they had no one else in this world, they had the freedom to call In turn, the comparer patiently listened to them and gave out valuable suggestions for the listeners at the other end. The viewers had appreciated her talent at arbitrating and convincing the most saddened and depressed individuals on Earth. Not only those who had turned on the phone but also the subscribers at various online platforms obtained benefit.