Tamil Tv Show Kollywood Diaries

Kollywood Diaries Tamil tv-shows on Sun Music

Kollywood Diaries is a Tamil movie based genre broadcasting on Music TV every Sunday. It is a similar show like ‘Bollywood Diaries’ that talk about the upcoming films, its actors, the kind of plot and the lives of directors and other celebrities. It is a complete description of the life in Kollywood, their festivities and drawbacks are together in Kollywood Diaries. The serial summarises latest affairs and barriers that are faced by people to put that work in motion. The show’s host is the famous Video Jockey of Tamil industry VJ Manimegalai. She initially worked only for Sun TV, but with time she developed a prestigious position in Kollywood; she was appointed as  the interviewer of Kollywood Diaries dream job of every South Indian. 

Her knowledge about movies and actors is vast; she fell in love with Chennai as she got the applauding response from her viewers. Her enthusiasm towards the show is overwhelming, and it makes it even more entertaining, Manimegalai is the perfect VJ for the show; along with hosting she serves as an anchor to many reality serials. Other than Kollywood Diaries, she is a familiar face to many more shows like OMG, Hot Seat, Vetti Pechu. She has also personally interviewed many Tamil actors, as an amusement, she is proud of how much her work is likeable. Her spirit lies in the appreciation she gets from people.

Kollywood Diaries is a huge platform for the information about Tamil movies, actors and directors. It does not only serve the viewers with knowledge but also helps the population to develop a relation with the other life of the same state. Tamil Nadu is a beautifully large place, and this show puts every city in it together. To create a bond between celebrities and the general public is a voluntary association developed by Kollywood Diaries.

It is very productive thought to connect the mass with the elite people of society. It reduces the barriers that appear in the way of information that fans want to know about their stars. It is a progressive step towards a happy and excited world of movies that links it to the glorious world of reality. Music TV is producing a history with Kollywood Diaries which will enable the coming generation to watch the background of their Kollywood industry with open eyes. It will also help the new comers in the industry to grow up to the level of their seniors by connecting to them in the form of their storyline provided to them by the show.