Tamil Tv Show Kaiyil Oru Kodi

Kaiyil Oru Kodi Tamil Tv shows on Sun tv

Kaiyil Oru Kodi, or as it is called “KaiyilOruKodi, Are You Ready,” is a Tamil television series. The show is a reality television series that is put into the format of a game show. The Tamil channel of Sun TV television telecasts this show. The concept of the show has been adapted from the original British game show called The Pound Drop Live. The show is produced under the banner of Endemol Production Company. Each episode of the series runs for about 90 minutes and is composed by Marc Sylvan. The show first came on the air in the year 2012 on 10 March. The host of this game show is Rishi. The format of the show kicks off with the seven questions that the contestant is provided with. Apart from that, the contestant is also provided with 50 bundles, each of which amounts to two lakh rupees.

After this, the contestants are asked to allocate and distribute all the bundles to the seven unannounced questions. It is up to the contestant to decide how much he or she will put as a wager on each question. After the allocation of the bundles, the contestants are allotted a sixty seconds limit of time to answer each question, once they are revealed. The contestants are provided with a choice between two categories, from which he or she needs to decide on one for each question. Now, the questions are revealed sequentially. The first question will have a maximum of four possible answers, which will be hidden behind four trap doors. However, the contestants will be allowed to open only three trap doors. This rule remained the same for question number two and three as well.

The fourth, fifth, and the sixth question will have only three possible answers, and the contestants will be allowed to open only two. Eventually, when the seventh and the last question arrive there will be only two possible answers and the contestants will be allowed to open only one. This way the contestant gets to win all the bundles he or she put on the correct trap door. The maximum time each contestant was allowed to put the money the trap doors is no more than sixty seconds. This show became the most successful shows on the channel’s list of television shows that were telecasted during that year. However, the show couldn’t manage to get as much fame as Rishi’s last show on the same channel had received.