Tamil Tv Show Isai Medai

Isai Medai Tamil tv-shows on Kalaingar TV

Following the Huge TRP among the various channels, the Kaalaignar network had started to broadcast its programs. Many critics and other reviewers like me had stated that the broadcasters had involved in the process of the copycat. But I had not accepted their views. One of the most criticized programs had the name Isai Medai (The English Translation - 'Floor for Music').

As the name suggests, it had the musical program basis to it. The stage had two or a choir of participants at the same time. They would compete and prove their talent. Many Singers in Tamil Nadu had emerged by means of this talent hunt. some of the notable ones include Dholak Jagan (Now famous for 'Gaana Songs' and Singer of 'Mannena Veppanae Vellakaena' from the movie 'Enaku Vaitha Adimaigal'), Peer Muhammad (also known as Mukesh who sang the song 'Enama Panalam Disco vuku pogalam' from the blockbuster 'Silambattam'), Alphonse Anthony (Co-singer of the song 'Kaasu Panam Thutu Money Money' from the Film 'Soothu Kavvum'), and Aarman Malik (Singer of the Song 'Poradalam Poradalam' from the Tamil Version of the Hindi Film 'M.S.Dhoni: The Untold Story'). The contestants had different rounds to prove their talent. The orchestra had often tested on the floor in the subsequent rounds as the Contestants sung an ancient Tamil Song to showcase their Talent. Apart from the candidates, the music troop had also got some recognition. One of the Base Drummers called as Shiva had now joined the group of the Mastero M. S. V. Raja. M. S. V. R. had obtained accolades from various Music Directors. He had played the Saxophone part of the songs "Arima Arima" from the movie ' Enthiran Click to look into! >> Read More... ' with A.R.Rahman. The Singers had the division during the celebratory rounds such as New Year, Pongal, and other festivals.

Eliminations had taken place when the talents had not met out with the criteria of the Judging Panel. The bench of Jury had not shown their sarcasm at any point in time. They had straight forward replied as they had serious outlook towards the voicing pattern. They had often remarked that the Candidates had not taken the test floor very seriously and had not the arena to while away the time. Though they had seemed to be rude, they had given a second lifeline or opportunity to those who had genuine reasons of not performed in a correct manner.