Tamil Tv Show Feature On Little Mount Church

Feature On Little Mount Church  Tamil TV SHOWS on DD Podhigai

Feature on the Little Mount Church was a one off special by the DD Podghai channel. The channel is part of the Doordarshan network which caters exclusively to the Tamil speaking populace. The feature was a documentary and informative show that focused on the Chinnamalai or Little Mount, which is a little hillock on the side of river Adayar in Tamil Nadu. The purpose of the show was to explore the area of Chinnamalai and the life around it.

The show explored everything the area had to offer – its history, the architecture, the lifestyle and the people living around the area. The hillock is famous for the history among Christians for the history around it. It is believed to be among many places that St. Thomas visited who lived and preached around the area. St. Thomas was an apostle of Jesus. During Portuguese rule, they built a church on the land they believed St. Thomas lived in 1551.

The church was ultimately destroyed in 1970 and rebuilt to accommodate a large number of visitors and devotees flocking the place. The church has a small cave where St. Thomas was believed to live. He lived a solitary life and only came out to preach to the people. There is also a spring next to the cave which runs even today. This is assumed to be a work for him when he became thirsty and wanted to drink. The cave has handprints etched in its walls for the devotees to see.

Followers of all faith flock to this place to meditate and pray. During the medieval times, the Portuguese realized the importance of the place and decided to build a church. Though the church has undergone multiple renovations and developments, a part of the original church remains, and the cave still is accessible. The church has remained popular with people and undergone several developments. The area now houses a school for children, a community hall for gatherings, a health center, and a convent. It is also a home to missionaries and charitable institutes.

The church also organizes a festival of Easter. The festival includes flag hoisting, mass, prayers and car procession. A feast is also organized by the church for its devotees. Due to the popularity of the church, a lot of tourist hotspots have developed, and the connectivity of the places has improved. For followers of Christian faith, the show allowed to take a look at one of the popular places of worship.