Tamil Tv Show Dhinam Dhinam

Dhinam Dhinam Tamil TV SHOWS on Raj Digital Plus

The Raj Television network brought a big show under Raj TV in 2009. Raj TV calls itself as people’s channel and that truly goes with its work. The kind of serials and shows Raj TV has telecasted for the people and, its viewers rarely any other channel has done. In 2009 also the producers of Raj TV took a very bold initiative of telecasting a show like Dhinam-Dhinam which was not like a rare TV talk show in fact, it was an all together new concept. It was a live TV show but not with just celebrities or big stars but with people who have achieved success on their own.

People who have achieved success and also have gone through struggles, were the major participants of the show. The real heroes from completely different genres or fields would come and have a live chat with their viewers. Not only the live chat but, these successful people also talked about their own path, how they have achieved what they wanted to, who have been their inspiration, the hindrances they had to face, methods to be in that job if someone else wishes to do the same job and, a lot more regarding their journey. Apart from this there were motivational talks, the show had the format of a motivational as well as informative talk show. Therefore, every talk session had the sessions of motivating and providing information.

The show had many eminent personalities from their different working areas. From TV stars to people of police department, people from the agricultural sector came on the show and talked about their ways, techniques and, much more. The host of the TV show welcomes the guest and its viewers for the live session, she asks questions from the guest regarding their field and also takes questions from the audience so that the guest would answer on the spot. People loved watching Srivalli on the show as she gave a lot of meaningful information on agri-entrepreneurship to the viewers. She also told about different ways by which women in the country could start their own ventures and become self sufficient. Similarily people like Thulasi, Thendral and many more came for the live session.

Dhinam- Dhinam was a complete package for its audience; it had intelligent guests, motivational speakers, a good host, a live show, a show where they could ask their queries. Hence, the popularity meter for the show was high. The audience not only got to know about the successful stories of people but also gained knowledge. Moreover, the show had inspiring stories; it moved people with the motivational stories of the guests.