Tamil Tv Show Aayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi

Aayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi  Tamil TV SHOWS on Thanthi TV

Aayuthu Ezhuthu Neetchi is a news program that airs on Thanti TV. The show is a part of the channel’s primetime programming and airs at 9:30 pm for one hour. The show airs on all weekdays and has been one of the longest running shows on the network. The show is the most significant news bulletin in the channel, and it features the channel’s respected and experienced journalists. The show’s language is primarily Tamil. The show is a debate and discussion program that features the host and a panel of experts or journalists.

On occasion, the panel may consist of members and spokesperson of political parties if the issue is pertinent to one of them. Each episode is focused only on a single issue. The issue to be debated is selected from the news from the same day. The topic may come from anywhere – political events, social events, finance and economy, sports, and entertainment. The news that dominates on the day mostly gets featured on the show. The show starts off with an introduction of the topic by the panellists and the host.

The host then gives a general outline as to what the show will consist of and what questions they would debate. The panellists on the show belong to different strata of the society and are selected based on the ideas that they support. These are politicians, government officials, subject experts or other respected journalists. The host then starts off the discussion and throws questions to different members and tries to find out what is their stand on the issue. Sometimes, the discussion brings up a different aspect of the topic for which the host encourages the panellists to explore.

The debates and discussion take up the entire duration of the show at the end of which the host provides a conclusion if she finds any. However, rarely do the panellists agree on something. The show discusses a wide variety of problems that affect all the people – transport workers problems, the state and national elections, allegations of corruption. It also featured a debate on the changes in the education department of Tamil Nadu. The show is a breath of fresh air among several similar shows.

The show has guests from all the stakeholders of an issue. The hosts are impartial and do not favour any specific person or ideology. The debates are civil and help to educate the viewer about various topics. For a person who wants to keep up with the news, the show is a complete package.