Tamil Tv Serial Vazhve Mayam

Vazhve Mayam Tamil Tv serials on Mega tv



The technology is growing at a faster pace in our life. We are also growing with them. On the other hand, the thinking of the people is not changing with that much speed of the technology. In the society, we are saying that we are grown up as compared to the thought process of the earlier generation. It gets contradicted, when the question of love marriage arises in front of the parents. Every parent has a dream of their daughter wedding. It was one of the precious moments in their life.

The Vazhve Mayam is the drama serial on this topic of the marriage. It is the Tamil serial which has attracted the attention of the youth along with the family as well. The Vazhve Mayam is the story base on the girl, Revathy. At the start of the serial, you will get complete information about her. It’s pleasant to catch the performance and depiction of the story of the girl. In this script, Revathy has her own family. Her father loves her a lot. He was always cautious about her girl. They took care of her as well in each and every moment of her life. As the time move forward, she was also moving with the time. In her life, a boy came up. The name of the boy is Mahesh.

The serial brings the routine drama in this condition. The Revathy and Mahesh like each other. They took the biggest decision of the life that is to marry with each other. The Revathy knows this thing very well that his father will never allow her to marry Mahesh. Hence, both of them get married. It was the secret marriage. Now, Revathy is trying to hide the truth of the marriage from her father. Eventually, at one day her father caught her while wearing the Mangalsutra.

To know what will be the reaction of her father on her daughter marriage you will need to catch the Vazhve Mayam. Will her father accept this marriage? All these questions answer you will get here. We will find the emotional dilemma of the Revathy on the various points of the episodes. The usual drama is in this serial. It shows the two sides of the single point. The Vazhve Mayam was broadcasted on the Mega TV. The mix drama with the emotions and twisting love story is always a favourite thing of the viewers. The ladies are the fan of this serial in many numbers. If you want to watch this hiding story of marriage, then you can also catch it.