Tamil Tv Serial Thiraiku Appal

Thiraiku Appal Tamil Tv serials on Puthuyugam tv
Thiraiku Appal is show telecasted on Puthu Yugam TV.

In this Program, they showcase about the characters or consequences we have seen on the movies all these years. They show us the similarity as well as differences of between the characters or situations that we have seen in the movies and the real people.

But in the movies are they showing the real story? The answer is no, the essential issues changed in a commercial/interesting way to entertain the audience. The Aim of Thiraiku Appal is to make audience understand how the issue shown on movies exists in reality.

In the first episode, they compared the lead character of the movie, Veyil, who works as “projection operator” in a theatre in that movie and shows the life of various “real” projection operators.

In the second episode, they picked the movie “Haridoss”, which deals with the life of a child affected with “Autism”. They show about the real “Autism” affected children.

The third episode, they show as the life of “Kabadi” players, the struggle they face in their life asseen in the movie “Vennila Kabadi Kulu”.

This is a Documentary, comparing the world and its way of life as shown in the movies and the ones of reality was a very different attempt by Puthu Yugam TV, but the show didn’t do well as expected.